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Together Alone: We can be alone, together!

2012.01.04 22:25 absw Together Alone: We can be alone, together!


2020.11.24 17:21 zephyranthesGP01 So, how about something positive for a change? Zombies map concept.

Operation: Blockbuster
Location: Hollywood CA, USA
Date: Classified
So my idea is a spiritual successor to Call of the Dead from Black Ops 2 but instead of a frozen coast, it's on a movie set in Hollywood. Defending humanity are four classic 80's action heroes; Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Linda Hamilton, and Chuck Norris.
Now, Megatons won't be on this new map for a very good reason. Classic heroes call for a classic villain and this one is among the greatest: a Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 aka a T-800 Terminator endoskeleton.
New weapons are: Winchester Model 1887 shotgun, Makarov PM, TEC-9, and the PSG-1.
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2020.11.24 15:45 CarolineGrace123 How to Write an Essay for College or University?

In the event that you don't have a clue how to compose a paper, returning to school or beginning a college course can be an overwhelming possibility. In the event that it is a long time since you have done any sort of contemplating, not to mention article composing, don't stress - most schools, including on the web colleges - have study aptitudes data, including schoolwork study tips and exposition composing guides.
So in the event that you are worried about your composing aptitudes, consider getting some assistance with things like section structure, accentuation and punctuation and spelling. Most schools give this free and you will likewise have the option to discover numerous free assets on the web. The main thing you should be clear about before you start your article is the kind of exposition you will compose.
There are a wide range of paper styles and it is critical to realize what is anticipated from you. Colleges, universities and individual guides will in general have their own inclinations as it's critical to ensure you know the correct recipe for your course. You can discover a great deal of data to help you on the web, yet check everything with your guide or composing support coach before you proceed with composing your exposition.
Kinds of Essay
There are a wide range of sorts of article and the names may fluctuate as per where you live. These incorporate factious papers, scholarly papers, circumstances and logical results papers, unmistakable expositions and story articles. You may likewise need to compose a confirmations article in the event that you are applying for a spot at college or you could be approached to compose an exposition for a grant. Different kinds of article incorporate examination expositions and exploration papers. Knowing the sort of article expected will assist you with concocting the best configuration. In the event that you are new to article composing, request that your guide clarify.
Understanding the Essay Title
This is one of the main parts of paper composing. You can compose a splendid good college essays, yet will get extremely bad grades and presumably bomb your task on the off chance that you have not responded to the inquiry which was posed. So before you put pen to paper ensure you have deciphered the title effectively. In the event that you are approached to pick your own article title, it is a smart thought to check with your guide that it is reasonable.
Conceptualizing Once you have a firm paper title and are clear what it implies, you can have a meeting to generate new ideas to concoct as created thoughts as you would which be able to identify with your article title. On the off chance that you have a ton of thoughts, the following stage is to limit them down to the most significant and most pertinent focuses.
Contingent upon the subject of your paper, you may need to do some foundation research. This could be to discover proof to help your perspective or contention or to discover what individuals who are specialists in the field thing about a specific subject. Or then again it very well may be to discover logical or recorded realities or measurable information.
You should track your sources with the goal that you can remember them for your catalog. So when you find helpful data which you may utilize, record the name of the book or diary, the version, page number, writer, date of distribution and distributer
Or then again the site, with the specific URL and the date on which you got to it. In the event that you do this as you are doing your exploration, it will spare you a great deal of time later. It's irritating and tedious on the off chance that you discover you have a magnificent snippet of data or an extraordinary citation and you can't recall where you found
Arranging Your Essay
Arranging your paper includes sorting out your thoughts into an intelligent request. You can do this by making a psyche map or by making a rundown of headings with list items under each. Your exposition should be all around organized
Exposition Structure
Before you start, ensure you realize as far as possible for your exposition. You will generally be given a positive number eg 1500 words or 2000-2500 words. On the off chance that you are given a fixed number, it is typically worthy to compose 10% less or 10% more words. In the event that you are given a reach, attempt to remain inside that range. In any case, check this with your coach as you would prefer not to be punished.
You should compose a presentation which clarifies what you are expounding on, presents your focal thought and the perspective you intend to help.
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2020.11.24 15:33 Nisamoto Avatar The Last Airbender is a great source of inspiration for TTRPG sessions, here's why (example included)

My girlfriend convinced me of watching the show and I was amazed at how a lot of episodes can almost directly be translated as an RPG session.
The most perfect example I've seen is S02E10 - The Library, which I'll go through now (translated, so you'll get it even if you didn't watch it).
Plot: the players are planning an attack on a powerful military dictatorship but they lack the information needed, so they're following rumors on a legendary library lost in the desert.
The PCs go into the desert on their flying horses and then they find a single tower on the dunes, they figure that it is the topmost tower of the library, which is now almost completely buried in the sand. They decide to go in and explore, while the blind character decides to stay back and watch the horses, because she figured she wouldn't be able to read the books inside.
The players find out the library is intact on the inside, and immediately meet with a talking giant owl. This owl is the spirit of knowledge that built the library and guards it with its life. The owl says it won't let them go any further because people only seek knowledge to use it for violent ends. The players persuade the owl into thinking they only seek knowledge in itself and that they don't plan on being violent with it, so the owl let them in, after asking for each of the PCs to leave a token of knowledge in the library (the players can give books, maps or anything they can come up with).
They start exploring the building, where they can find a lot of books, scrolls, etc. They find a scroll on which is written: "The darkest day of the military dictatorship history", followed by a date.
After that, they find a planetarium with a mechanical contraption containing dates of the past and the future. If they move the mechanism to the date inscribed on the scroll, the planetarium shows them that on that day, there was a solar eclipse (they already knew that the dictatorship's powerful magic was drawn from the sun). The PCs figure out that they can use the mechanism to find out when the next eclipse will happen, so that they can plan their attack accordingly.
The guardian spirit owl finds out that they were seeking knowledge for violent ends and starts attacking the PCs, the whole library starts shaking and crumbling into the ground. Meanwhile, the blind PC that stayed back is surprised by a group of bandits trying to steal the flying horses (perfect timing, so everyone takes turns on the combat, even THAT ONE PLAYER that split the party).
The clock is ticking now, they must deal with the owl and get the information they need before they're completely buried in the sand. How will they do that? Can they do that? Let's find out!
TL;DR - Go watch Avatar, the writers probably were a bunch of RPG nerds and you can get a lot of good ideas for sessions.
EDIT: Just found out u/zipperondisney did a great video on this exact episode before I wrote about it, definitely go check it out:
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2020.11.24 13:22 RobbieIDK I was bored so I wrote this story and posted it here, some people liked it and asked me to continue it so yolo I guess. (Chapter 5 and Chapter 6)

Author's notes before writing
Here is Chapter 1-4 if you haven't read it yet
I originally wrote this story for fun and posted it here, I didn't realize that people would actually want to read it, I was making it up as I was writing this story XD. Now I'm committed to finish writing this story for my 7 new followers, thanks for keeping me motivated. This is the updated story with chapter 5 and 6.
Thanks to everyone who has been given me advices and praises so far, it means a lot to me. Once I finish writing this story, I will upload it to Wattpad, so if you don't want to read it here, feel it to save this post and come back 1 month later, the story would probrably be finished by then.
Please note that I'm not a writer nor a native English speaker (I'm from Malaysia), so this story might have some narrative flaws.
This story contains a few swear words.
Hope you guys enjoy this trip full of cliches and cringy writing ;)
Let's get writing 😩🤘
It was the evening of June 2, 2016, 1 week before my birthday. I was tired from an exhausting day at school, all I wanted to do was sleep, I couldn't even be bothered to do all of my homework. I laid on my bed trying to fall asleep before Nicole suddenly texted me:
Nicole (texting): "Hey handsome"
It's been 4-5 months and she still calls me handsome, I always thought it was cute.
Me (texting): "Hi Nic!"
Nicole (texting): "I feel awful today, do you want to come to my house to give me a hug?"
Me (texting): "I'm on my way."
All the tiredness inside me disappeared, I felt energetic, it was as if Nicole casted a spell on me. My parents wouldn't drive me there since it was late so I had to sneak out of the house. I borrowed my neighbor's bike and biked there. I always enjoyed biking or walking in the woods, it's such a relaxing thing to do. I had gone to Nicole's cabin so many times that I could map out the woods with my eyes closed.
Nicole couldn't hear me when I arrived and knocked on the door, so I had to climb my way up to her room. When I climbed inside I saw Nicole wearing earphones listening to songs while laying on her bed, I swear Nicole is so cute no matter what she does.
I tapped on Nicole's shoulders to wake her up.
Nicole: "Ah! You scared me."
Me: "You couldn't hear me when I knocked on the door so I had to climb up here..."
She giggled and said:
Nicole: "Oh I'm sorry, I was listening to songs, you were so slow that I fell asleep."
I hugged her tightly for what seemed like minutes.
Me: "So...I came here to hug you, now what?"
Nicole: "Let's play a game! Who ever losses will have to do a horrible dare!"
Me: "How "horrible" will the dare be?"
Nicole: "You'll see."'
Me: "What game are we playing?"
Nicole: "Let's play Mario Kart 8! Who wins the most games out of 3 rounds wins!"
Me: "Game on."
She won the first round by a slim margin but I won the second round easily. It all came down to the third round, I was leading for most of the game and before I could cross the finish line on the final lap, she unplugged my controller and she crossed it before me.
Nicole laughed and giggled at me and said:
Nicole: "Looks like you lose."
I got angry and said:
Me: "I didn't know unplugging your opponents was legal!"
She mumbled:
Nicole: "I didn't say it was illegal as well."
I couldn't be angry at her, it would be suicidal. She just looked so cute, I couldn't bear to see her angry or sad again.
Nicole: "Well, looks like you're going to have to do my HORRIBLE dare."
Me: "What is it?"
Nicole took of her shirt, I was shocked and speechless, I was staring at know.
Nicole giggled at me and said:
Nicole: "What are you staring at you pervert! I dare you to give me a massage!"
I was relieved, I thought we were going to have.....that, I wouldn't be prepared if we did.
I massaged her for a good 10 minutes before she said:
Nicole: "You're great at massages, who taught you?"
Me: "No one, I don't even give out massages that often."
Nicole: "You have a special talent in massages then!"
After a few more minutes she stopped me and playfully said:
Nicole: "Hey, I think that's enough, this time you're only going to massage me for minutes, but the next time you lose, you're going to have to massage me for hours!"
Me: "Hah, we'll see about that, next time it's you who will lose."
We sat in silence awkwardly looking at each other.
Nicole: ""
Me: "Hell yea, what do you want to watch?"
Nicole: "Hmm.....let's watch a night film, how about The Shawshank Redemption?"
Me: "Hey, this is one of my favorites! It's not even a night film but it sounds good to me!"
Nicole gave me her laptop and since she didn't have Netflix, we had to watch the film from an illegal torrent website, we laughed at the porn block up ads before we started watching the film.
We watched half way through before she fell asleep in my arms as always. I slowly and carefully closed her laptop and moved ourselves into a more comfortable position, I have done this so many times that I think I deserve an Oscar by now.
I kissed her head and we slept. I quickly but quietly climbed back out the window and went home before 6 am to prepare for school, before I climbed out, I took her polaroid camera and took a picture of us and put it beside her, it's funny how we've hang out so many times in her room yet we've never taken any pictures there. After taking the picture, I mumbled something to Nicole:
Me: "Thank you Nicole, I love you. Thanks for changing my dark and awful life into a colorful and wonderful one, I hope I'll be your star one day."
When I went home I was relieved that no one discovered that I was missing, they just thought I was asleep. Since it was still early, I laid on my bed to continue sleeping, but all I could think about was Nicole, this had been happening since I met Nicole and it was starting to feel unhealthy.
Me (thinking): "Oh Nicole, I wish you could know how much I love you. I wish I knew how to express my feelings to you."
Chapter 6 (NEW CHAPTER!!!)
June 10th, 2016, I had just came home from school and celebrated my birthday with my family. Jamie and Nicole were also there to celebrate it with me, it was a nice birthday for a change, it felt so.....real and sincere, everybody was actually having a good time, and of course Nicole took some pictures of us with the polaroid camera.
After the party Nicole wanted me to go to the park with her, without any hesitation, I agreed. We walked to the park while talking about our past and old memories.
While we were walking I noticed how beautiful she was in the yellow dress she was wearing, I realized that she wasn't wearing any hoodies recently, she had started wearing beautiful dresses and skirts, I started questioning myself:
Me (thinking): "Is she getting happier the more she hangs out with me?"
Me (thinking): "Maybe what she wears really does represent what she's feeling, maybe she's feeling better."
A few minutes later we reached the park.
Nicole: "Here's the park, it's been a while since we've been here, do you remember what we did here?"
Me: "Yup, when we hung out on your birthday, when we first introduced Emma and Jamie together, building our secret place, I could go on for ages."
Nicole: "Hey! Let's find our "secret place"."
The "secret place" was a small hang out place that we built using stick and rocks, we even bought our pillows and stuff here, it's was behind lots of trees so no one could see.
Me: "I remember you, Emma, Jamie and I spending so much time building this place, it's crazy how we have already created so many memories in so little time."
When we sat down on the bench I saw her hiding something behind her back.
Me: "Oh my god how did I not notice it earlier? You're doing the same thing that I did to you when you had your birthday last year!"
Nicole giggled and said:
Nicole: "Well I thought I could surprise you but I guess I'll need to put more effort into hiding my presents."
Me: "Oh, you didn't have to buy me any presents, all I need is you to spend time with me."
Nicole blushed.
Nicole: "Well, too late. I've already bought you presents."
Nicole gave me a small penguin plushie.
Nicole: "I know how much you like penguins so I want to give this to you. You now have something to hug when I'm not by your side to comfort you. If you ever miss me, just hug this penguin tightly in your arms."
Me: "Thanks Nicole, I don't know what to say, yo-"
Nicole: "There's more."
Me: "There's more????"
She pointed to a small portable piano near a tree.
Nicole: "I know that you've always wanted to learn how to play the piano, and since I can teach you, I thought maybe I could give you one for your birthday."
Me: "O-oh my god Nicole, how long have you been saving for this? Th-this is too much!"
Nicole: "I've been saving for this piano since I was dating Jason, I knew that you would be lonely when I left you guys for Jason so I wanted to buy you something big for your birthday, well who knew Jason would cheat on me...."
Me: "I'm sorry for what happened."
Nicole: "You don't need to feel sorry, it's not your fault. Besides, I have gotten over him."
Nicole: "Let's start playing the piano shall we?"
Nicole taught me the basics of the piano for some time, every time she touched my fingers I felt a sudden urge of motivation and chills down my spine, she had such soft hands.
Nicole: "Wow, you're a fast learner, you already know the basics."
Me: "If someone was here instead of you, it would take me 5 years to learn the basics."
Nicole blushed and said:
Nicole: "Hehe, well I think that's enough learning for today. Do you want to watch the sunset together?"
Me: "Sure!"
We sat down on the bench and started talking.
Nicole: "I'm sorry Mark."
Me: "What? Why?"
Nicole: "I'm sorry that I left you for Jason, thank you so much for helping me get over him."
Me: "Isn't that what friends are for? You don't need to feel sorry, we're here now and we're enjoying the moment."
Nicole suddenly kissed me on the lips.
I felt so shocked, it was like I was in heaven, this was the moment that I've been waiting for. I felt like I've finally accomplished something in life.
We kissed for a few minutes before Nicole pulled away.
Nicole: "Don't get any wrong ideas, that was just a "friend" kiss, I don't want to date right now."
Me: "Oh I'm sure."
Nicole: "Hey! I just want to make you feel good on your birthday!"
Nicole: "You're a good man Mark, I would probably date you if I were looking to be in a relationship, so many girls are missing out."
That was the moment we knew we liked each other, the way we looked into each other's eyes, it was special. We just didn't know how to express our feelings to each other yet, we were still young and we weren't even sure if this was true love.
We looked each others in the eyes before Nicole decided to break the silence:
Nicole: "Hey, I know that we've taken lots of pictures today but could we take another picture?"
Me: "Absolutely."
We took another picture.
Nicole: "I'll be sure to put this one in the album after I get back, you might have to buy me another album, it's already almost full!"
Me: "You really love this camera don't you? You know, this was actually a last minute gift."
Nicole: "Really? This is still my favorite gift though."
Me: "I guess I was really lucky, I wanted to buy you something special but not too cheesy."
Nicole: "Haha, looking at it back now, it was really cheesy."
We talked for another hour before the sun decided to set.
Nicole: "Look! The sun is setting, let's enjoy the sunset."
The sunset was beautiful, her head on my shoulders, this is what I could've ever dreamt of. Despite this being our 1 millionth picture we've taken today, I offered to take another picture with her, how could I not? This was the first time we had ever watched the sunset together.
After the sunset, we continued watching the sky, we always enjoyed watching the sky while talking to each other, it was relaxing in a way.
Me: "Hey Nic."
Nicole: "Hmm?"
Me: "Do you want to dance under the moonlight?"
Nicole: "I'm not a very good dancer."
Me: "So am I."
Nicole giggled and said:
Nicole: "Well in that case, I accept. Don't laugh at me if I dance horribly okay?"
We decided to go outside our "secret place" to dance since it didn't have any space for us to dance. We walked to the middle of the park and danced slowly while the moonlight shined on us. The sky was especially beautiful today, it was as if it knew that we would dance this late at night. Nicole's dancing wasn't actually that bad, despite not being dancers ourselves, we didn't hit each other's legs or stuff like that. Near the end of the dance Nicole turned her waist towards the ground as I kissed her, possibly the best moment of my life, I don't think I'll ever get to dip a girl like that. Coincidentally, a stranger walked passed us while we dipped, the stranger took Nicole's polaroid camera and took a picture of the exact moment we dipped. The stranger handed us the picture and the polaroid camera before saying "Have a good night!" and ran away. It was a surreal moment, till this day I can't believe how perfect the timing was. Definitely the best picture we've ever taken. I swear my life is like a movie sometimes.
When we parted ways and I reached home, I couldn't help but smile at how good this day went. Every time that I spent a day with Nicole, it's one of those best days of my life.
------To Be Continued------
Author's notes after writing
yay this only took me 3 hours
still need to rewrite chapter 3 😩🤘😩🤘
can't believe im actually committed to this
if you guys have any suggestions feel free to tell me
also feel free to correct me if I made any grammar, punctuation or narative errors
cant believe i actually wrote all of that jesus christ
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2020.11.24 05:15 mountaindelta Play by mail, exquisite corpse style strategy game idea

Hello all,
I've been toying with the idea of inventing a little play by mail game to run with my family during COVID; I find the allure of a letter and the excitement of looking forward to getting something in the mail to be just what the doctor ordered for staying positive during this whole thing.
I'm having trouble getting some good ideas firmed up but the premise is more or less as follows;
The game is based around the players being in a jail, the first player gets a letter from a mysterious inmate (the GM) saying a jailbreak will happen soon so you must coordinate with other "gang leaders" who have control of the other wings of the jail (perhaps named after the cardinal directions) the whole point is that information, player moves, updates etc. Must be passed from player to player as opposed to from all players to the game master and back; the idea is that this would give the players the ability to negotiate, or even lie within certain limits to gain a strategic advantage. This also creates a need for players at the end of the chain to rely on other players to understand what's going on. The objective is to escape and make everyone else get caught.
The idea is partly a variation on a diplomacy, where deceit could provide an advantage, but cooperation is still critical to success.
I thought an interesting idea would be a paper map passed from player to player which gets filled out throughout the course of the game as the players make their moves. Ideally the GM would act as a "player" and receive the map, and the most recent letter holding the most up to date version of what the players are trying to negotiate. They would then send out another letter and start the next round of play.
Coming up with a set of mechanics that both works with the format and isn't too complex is proving difficult. Any thoughts?
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2020.11.24 00:56 irlgarbodor [Guide] What I really, really wish I knew starting out...

Last updated: November 24, 2020


I'm pretty new to the series, picking up my first heavy save file within the last couple of months. I have 200 hours and have done most of everything, taking me to end game. I realize the game changes often, so a lot of helpful resources are somewhat out of date. I wanted to add a little of the knowledge I've gained to help out anyone who might be stuck or for newbies who want a better grasp of the game. I skipped a lot of the stuff that's easier to search for.

About No Man's Sky

So what is this game all about?
Do I need to follow the main storyline?


What is Quicksilver and what can I do with it?
What is Tainted Metal and how can I find it?
Is there any way for me to get fancy blueprints other than the Construction Terminal and/or tutorial quest?
How can I collect more of [resource]?
What is farming/agriculture all about?
Note: Some plants (such as Heptaloid Wheat, Sweetroot, etc.) can pretty much only be harvested by going to other planets, finding them and harvesting them. You can't plant these in your base, but you also won't need them unless you plan on cooking and/or crafting bait.


Where can I find teleporters?
How does teleporting work?
Can I go back to my base if I forgot to place a teleporter?
Note: Space Stations only appear on your teleporter if you have actually landed on the Station and (?) gotten out of your Starship.

Repeatable Missions

What should I be not missing out on, on a daily/weekly basis?

Base Building

How can I expand my base (to reach a hotspot)?
How many solar units should you attach to a battery?
How can I make sure my base stays powered overnight via solar?
I'm running out of electricity, but I'm already using an Electromagnetic Generator



You can have up to 3 multi-tools. You cannot destroy them but you can exchange them for another multi-tool at a Space Station or Outpost. Multi-tools come in four types: pistol, rifle, experimental and alien. The latter two are the rarest. Experimentals tend to have high scanning stats and Aliens tend to have high damage. You can only see the multitool type if you are comparing yours to another.
What kind of weapon should I use?
What is a secondary weapon and how do I use it?
Pro-Tip: Since you can have up to three multi-tools (and switch between them whenever you want) it's not a bad idea to spec out certain multi-tools for certain purposes (one for high scanning/mining, one for high damage, etc.)


How can I find a new Starship?
Pro-tip: Claim each crashed Starship you see, fix the Launch Thrusters, Shield and Pulse Drive and then fly it to a station. Don't scrap it immediately, but wait at the station to see what flies in. You can talk to any NPC standing beside a ship and see how much they'd sell it for. Find one equal to your ship's worth and trade it (this will remove all of the broken slots making it worth more). THEN, scrap it (unless you really like it) for maximum value.
Note: For the special hyperdrives (cadmium, emeril and indium in that order), you only need the highest level tech installed. When you get Emeril Drive, get rid of Cadmium. When you get Indium Drive, get rid of Emeril.
Note: While on a planet, you can switch your Starship view to 3rd person for a better view of the planet around you. Not recommended for space travel, though.


What is the benefit of using an Exocraft?
How do I get an Exocraft?
How can I use my Exocraft?

Freighters & Frigates

What exactly is a freighter and why would I want one?
How do I find more frigates?
My frigates keep coming back damaged, what can I do to prevent this?
How can I max out my frigate fleets without wasting them?
How can I get frigate fleet consumables without crafting them?
I want a freighter ASAP and I don’t care what rank it is.
I want a Nice freighter OR I already have one but I want a new one.
What happens to my old freighter when I exchange it?
How do I find more Salvaged Frigate Modules?
How do I get the Matter Transmitter and why should I get it ASAP?

Derelict Freighters

How can I find a Derelict Freighter?


How do I get an Atlas Pass (v1, v2, v3) and what do they do?
How can I find a high economy system quickly?
I want to get to [x] galaxy, but I don't know how.
How do I solve the puzzles in the Observatory?

Manufacturing Facilities

What are the blueprints for at Manufacturing Facilities?
How to efficiently find Manufacturing Facilities?
How do I solve the puzzle?


What do I do with all these extra C, B and A-class modules?

Expanding storage

How can I expand my Exosuit storage?
How can I find/use Drop Pod Coordinate Data?
How can I find/use Multi-tool Expansion Slots?
How can I find/use Storage Augmentation Units?

Space Station Quests

Help, my quest log is extremely vague and I don't know where to go/what to do!
It says my quest is in another system, but I can't find it!
I'm having trouble completing the quest to take photos of a specific planet
Note: Any quest that asks you to scan objects, kill creatures, kill sentinels or fight pirates can be stacked with other similar quests from other space stations. For example, if you pick up 5 quests to kill creatures, you can knock them all out in one go. (This one is also repeated in the section below).

Getting Units

Early Game:

Getting Nanites



Quick Bug-fixes

Bonus Info

Additional resources

If you want to learn more about the game, I wanted to list some helpful resources that have helped me a LOT along the way. I tried my best to organize and format this for readability. These items are in no way comprehensive but hopefully they taught you a thing or two.
I'm also open to editing and adding more stuff if you guys find this useful!
Please, if any mods see this, I think a weekly/monthly 'Questions' pinned topic would be good, so we don't clutter the main threads. People can ask questions in the comments and then others can respond to them.
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2020.11.24 00:46 ARISTOCRAT_BY_BIRTH The case for a Chinese lab origin of the COVID-19 pandemic

The case for a Chinese lab origin of the COVID-19 pandemic
Executive Summary
Due to the inability to investigate the Chinese labs in question by the CCP we will never be able to explicitly confirm these theories but the preponderance of evidence points towards a lab origin of COVID-19 from an accidental release from a virology lab in Wuhan. Further analysis of the RaTG13 and MP789 BLAST sequences (both samples were studied at the Wuhan Institute of Virology) and review of the virology literature provide supporting evidence that a chimeric recombination of these two viruses during gain of function research was the origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus which is currently ravaging the world.
To begin this discussion we must first define the three primary theories for the origin of SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes the disease COVID-19:
Zoonotic Theory – This theory postulates that SARS-CoV-2 began as most natural diseases have by jumping from an animal host to a human and then adapting to circulate in humans.
Natural Lab Leak Theory – This theory postulates that SARS-CoV-2 was a natural virus that was collected during ecological sampling, transported to a lab for research, and then accidentally released through a lab accident.
Man-made” Lab Leak Theory – This theory postulates that SARS-CoV-2 originated through research of natural viruses with human intervention. I consider there to be two probable mechanisms for this the first is adaptation via serial passaging while the second is gain of function research.
Where did the outbreak begin? Or fighting Chinese disinformation.
Before I can begin discussing those theories I must first pinpoint the origin of the outbreak as ever since the outbreak began the CCP has been relentless in trying to pin the origin of COVID-19 on other countries. China has tried to push stories that the true origin of COVID-19 began in Italy, Spain, and the US army among others. Meanwhile calls for an international investigation into the deadliest pandemic in a century are met with blatant aggression. We must first address the claims of a non-China origin before narrowing down the location further. The claims for a Spanish origin are based on a paper which identified coronavirus in sewage samples dating back to March 2019. This study however only found 2 out of 5 markers for COVID-19 (IP2/IP4) for that sample and were unable to detect it again afterwards so I consider it unlikely to be SARS-CoV-2. Secondly, regular pneumonias circulating in Italy were accused of being COVID-19 by Chinese state media but the evidence in those studies such as antibody prevalence is non-conclusive that it was COVID-19 rather than one of the other ~200 respiratory diseases that circulates throughout the world. The allegations that the US army brought it to China are just paranoid delusions that can be rejected on the grounds of CCP propaganda. Finally, one can review the GOP foreign affairs report to ascertain the overwhelming evidence that COVID-19 originated in China. But where exactly in China did the outbreak begin? For this segment, I’ll be essentially summarizing some of the excellent work that Project Evidence has done so check them out for a full account. In this account multiple lines of evidence point towards an origin in Wuhan, a major metropolitan city in central China with multiple virology labs. Evidence that the outbreak began in the Huanan seafood market is also suspect given that bats are primarily a delicacy in southern China not central China where Wuhan in located. That is not the only evidence disputing the assertion that the Huanan seafood markets (wet markets) were not the origin. There is also evidence that the earliest cases reported no link to the seafood market30183-5/fulltext) although it may have been where the first superspreader event occurred. Additionally, no evidence of cross species transmission was observed at the seafood market in the study. However, ultimately it is clear that the evidence points towards patient zero residing in Wuhan as no verifiable alternative has been provided to date.
Rebuttal of Zoonotic Theory
The zoonosis origin theory is primarily fleshed out in The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2. In this paper they promote the theory that RaTG13, a horseshoe bat coronavirus, mutated and jumped into humans. Furthermore, in this paper they reject the theory that SARS-CoV-2 could have originated in a lab because a computer simulation that they ran showed that the receptor domains were not optimal for humans. I consider this argument quite weak as there are several ways to genetically modify viruses “suboptimally” and in fact they have been forced to issue an addendum due to the pioneering work of other scientists calling them out on several points. Probabilistically, a zoonotic transfer of this nature is unlikely to occur in such a superspreader event because the mutation that allows the zoonotic jump is random and not ideal. In fact, SARS-CoV-2 expresses an ideal mutation never before seen in the coronavirus clade that allows an unpredicted affinity for the ACE2 receptor. Similarly, SARS-CoV-2 was so well adapted to humans from the beginning of the outbreak that its RBD spike protein had a higher affinity for humans than any other animal. Additionally, COVID-19 appears to be too stable to be a zoonotic shift as the phylogenetic tree is missing key intermediate steps while remaining remarkably stable over time. SARS 2003 had substantial mutations in the same time frame as SARS-CoV-2 indicating that it is already well adapted to humans. Finally, I find it unlikely that horseshoe bats are going to fly 1900 km from Yunnan to Wuhan. Similarly, due to the lack of any evidence that COVID-19 was prevalent outside of Wuhan prior to the pandemic the idea that some poor Chinese worker who is shoveling guano (bat feces) is commuting 7 hours each way from Wuhan to the bat caves in Yunnan via high speed rail (catching it in Yunnan from a bat, failing to infect anyone along the way, then coughing on everybody in Wuhan) also fails to pass Occam's razor.
Criticism of the Natural Lab Leak Theory
While I do not doubt that Zheng-Li Shi (primary PI at Wuhan Institute of Virology) is a good scientist that follows protocol the issue is that modern science does not work that way. A Principal Investigator like Dr. Zheng-li Shi spends their time writing grants and doing photo ops while an army of graduate students and postdocs perform the actual work in the lab and has limited understanding of the day to day operations necessary to make those pretty graphs in the papers. The idea that there could be no lab leaks as she claims is dubious at best when the state department had issued cables indicating that the lab in question had safety issues. The primary objection I have to this theory is the idea that the virus is natural. The first item to address is what are the closest known relatives to SARS-CoV-2. There are two of particular interest RaTG13 (bat coronavirus with 96.1% complete genome similarity) and MP789 (pangolin coronavirus with 85.1% spike protein similarity). If natural rates of evolution were to occur it would take decades for RaTG13 to mutate into SARS-CoV-2 and RaTG13 wasn’t studied until 2013; however some research has shown that this process is sped up within cell culture as in this paper where 600 cell passages resulted in a 2.1% difference in the genomic differences of the spike proteins. That however, is still quite slow compared to the timeframe involved which is why I tend to take the view that a more active role was involved in the creation of SARS-CoV-2. Please bear in mind that while I am critical of the natural lab leak theory, I am most skeptical of the claim that it couldn’t have originated from a lab that was explicitly modifying and researching coronaviruses.
Gain of Function Hypothesis for Origin of SARS-CoV-2
I would like to start this section with a quote from Bryson Gray “Why did Obama send money to that Wuhan lab?”. While humorous, the statement is inaccurate in the sense that Obama did not write a check to the lab in question. However, the larger point that federal grants written to EcoHealth Alliance were distributed to the P4 lab in Wuhan is indeed accurate. EcoHealth Alliance is a nonprofit group that has received millions of dollars in research grants to sample viruses from the wild and genetically modify viruses in the aim of preventing spillover events. A noble goal but one that probably led to the deadliest pandemic in a century. One of those viruses they sampled and sent to the Wuhan lab was BtCov/4991, better known as RaTG13, which was discovered after miners in Mojian Mine, Yunnan fell ill and died in 2012. There is more to this story which is expanded upon in this article but the key point is that the most similar known virus to SARS-CoV-2 had been known to kill prior to being sent for study to the Wuhan lab. Another point against the EcoHealth Alliance is that they were caught orchestrating key scientists’ statement on the “natural origin” of SARS-CoV-2. Despite their attempts to cover it up we know that RaTG13 was being worked on as recently as 2018. So now we have a plausible viral backbone but how do we explain the RBD and the unique Furin cleavage site? MP789, a sample also studied at the Wuhan lab, provides a very plausible RBD as it is 85.1% similar in that region. By recombining the spike protein of MP789 with the viral backbone of RaTG13 you end up with a virus that starts looking very similar to SARS-CoV-2. That just leaves us with the unique furin cleavage site that just happens to exactly match to the Heparan sulfate binding motif (XBBXBX) that indicates cell culture adaptation. While furin cleavage sites do exist in other coronaviruses they have yet to be seen in other betacoronaviruses like SARS-CoV-2. Gain of function research explicitly aims to make viruses more deadly to study so adding in features that increase infectivity (e.g. furin cleavage site) would be standard protocol for the type of work this lab was doing. Getting sloppy after a long day of work or even more nefarious motives such as selling lab animals on the side for extra cash could result in an accident occurring. Despite all their rhetoric claiming elsewise, China has quietly admitted the possibility of a lab leak when they strengthened lab standards in February. In addition, please bear in mind that this theory does not claim that gene jockeys would have the perfect foresight to design the exact genetic sequence that SARS-CoV-2 contains but rather that by adding in features like a furin cleavage site, which are known to increase infectivity, and then running in vitro experiments you can very quickly end up with COVID-19 after some natural selection against human cell lines. A more technical account of this hypothesis can be found in a piece by Yuri Deigin.
To conclude, I do not believe the release was intentional as it has hurt China immensely as well as the rest of the world or that it was intentionally developed as a bioweapon but I do believe the most parsimonious explanation of the origin of COVID-19 is an accidental release of gain of function virology research from a Wuhan lab. Or more succinctly, that it was a “man made” lab accident. Finally, while I believe I have presented a strong case you must remember that this is circumstantial evidence and without a legitimate investigation into the origins of the virus taking into account all the hypotheses seriously we cannot be certain of which hypothesis actually transpired.
Special thanks to u/healthcare-analyst-1 for some feedback and critique although he isn’t as much on the GoF train as I am.
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2020.11.23 16:23 bellarch19 Maybe there's a reason why we don't fight TWSITD in Crimson Flower?

In light of the recent datamine of unused maps in Crimson Flower, there's a lot of consternation over the cut content including a battle in Shambala. So far, it seems to be a fandom consensus that we were unfairly robbed of this content, which some people have been asking for ever since the game came out.
But honestly, I'm personally not convinced. Now I'm biased here - I both really, really felt like Crimson Flower hit the sweet spot on length and so I wouldn't want it to be longer, and I never felt the urgency to have story battles against TWSITD besides Arianrhod in the first place. But, at the same time, when I sit down and think about the concept of fighting TWSITD within the main story of Crimson Flower, there are all sorts of reasons not to do so. Let's explore them in turn:
Fighting TWSITD detracts from the main themes of Crimson Flower.
This is the big one. The thing about Crimson Flower is that it's explicitly set up as a story about making change on behalf of the people, not taking revenge. If El was focused on revenge, she would be spending all her time working to bring TWSITD down, not fighting the corrupt Church to create a better government for the people of Fodlan. Does destroying TWSITD to get back at them for hurting El seem very satisfying? Sure, I'd agree to that. But Crimson Flower is about moving past that base desire for revenge, and instead working to change the world to create structures that prevent people from being hurt in the first place. If you want a story about revenge, you have Azure Moon - and, well, even Azure Moon kind of devotes itself to exploring why just focusing on revenge is a bad idea.
Furthermore, TWSITD aren't really shown to be a huge part of Fodlan's problems in the first place! While they clearly foment conflict, TWSITD's actions against ordinary people are isolated incidents for quasi-scientific purposes - apart from the plague unleashed on Remire Village and (perhaps) Faerghus, their crimes against the populace at large seem to be limited to isolated kidnappings of villagers. TWSITD are focused on the political sphere, and so most of their actions focus on the nobility. This means that the emotional impact of their crimes on us is exaggerated because they hurt people we love like El, Byleth, or Lysithea - but the actual impact of their crimes upon the people of Fodlan is minimal compared to basically every other malign force in the game. Focusing on TWSITD would be a distraction from the overall goal of El's revolution, which is improving the lives of Fodlan's common people instead of addressing the problems of the nobility.
Fighting TWSITD doesn't conclude their arc without stretching plausibility.
We know from various in-game sources (some of Claude's endings, some CF endings) that TWSITD are bigger than just Shambala - they most likely have multiple bases scattered across Fodlan, and/or many other people affiliated with them ready to rise up. Plus several nobles within the Empire are likely loyal to TWSITD (or possibly have been replaced similar to Arundel). So the fight against TWSITD is not going to be concluded by a raid on Shambala. And if Edelgard did raid Shambala, it would be tantamount to a war declaration against her allies and would lead to what is basically a civil war, in the middle of an ongoing war against Faerghus. We could argue that an isolated raid won't provoke a response - but, well, (a) Shambala appears to be Thales' own fort and (b) they're already suspicious of her after the conquest of Arianrhod - do we really think that TWSITD wouldn't take any sort of raid as an open provocation?
If Edelgard really decides to attack Shambala in the middle of the war against Faerghus, she creates a war on two fronts, and most likely with enemy forces both in front of her and behind her. This is an extremely precarious situation to be in. It would be, in a word, stupid. And Edelgard isn't that stupid (and even if she was the sort of person to do such a thing, do you really think Hubert wouldn't point out how dumb it is?). So it would really stretch the bounds of plausibility to start the war against TWSITD in the middle of the war against Faerghus. The only way I see this not devolving into a major two-plus-front war is if Edelgard managed to both find all TWSITD's bases (unlikely, given that they didn't even know Shambala's location until the missiles launched in other routes) and then hit them simultaneously . . . in the middle of a major war. I don't think this is logistically plausible. I mean, Fire Emblem as a series is generally sketchy on the "plausible logistics" front, but this really does seem kind of absurd even by Fire Emblem standards. And if you consider that the military logic for attacking TWSITD is nonexistent, then the only possible motivation for attacking TWSITD is that El is blinded by revenge - again, much more Dimitri's thing than hers.
TWSITD aren't set up as a main villain within Crimson Flower
This may seem kind of an odd point - isn't there a bunch of discussion of TWSITD's perfidy within Crimson Flower? But let's think about this for a bit. The main TWSITD arc is within White Clouds, and specifically focuses on Solon. While we know Thales is in on it, the operation that kills Jeralt is specifically Solon's doing and is prefaced by a bunch of events that are also more associated with Solon than anything else. The TWSITD arc in White Clouds largely feels concluded with the death of Solon and Byleth's merging with Sothis. We know they're still a major threat, but this is largely informed by the narrative - El has to tell us that TWSITD are still a major force within the Empire; otherwise, they'd go completely unnoticed. Honestly, I don’t think we'd realize that TWSITD is still a very real factor without El telling us so.
Contrast here the war against Dimitri and Rhea. Both have been built up as major antagonists since White Clouds. We spent White Clouds hearing Dimitri and Edelgard discuss the possibility of going to war against each other, and hearing the other students and monastery NPCS discuss the possibility of a major war brewing. Meanwhile, White Clouds as a whole provides plenty of reasons to go to war against Rhea. I've been playing through the game again recently, and it hits me again just how much of the conflict with Rhea is set up within White Clouds. Byleth has the option to start distrusting her from near the beginning of the game, and that only compounds as we see the Church's increasingly sketchy behavior. The war against Rhea and Dimitri is built up throughout the story, and it feels like the appropriate climax of Crimson Flower. Hijacking this narrative to start dealing with TWSITD instead takes away Crimson Flower's own momentum and makes Dimitri and Rhea into a sideshow. If Arianrhod begets Shambala and leads to a broader war against TWSITD, it either turns the highly important battles of the Tailtean Plains and Fhirdiad into mid-Crimson Flower sideshows instead of the narrative climax, or it disrupts the momentum towards the finish with Dimitri and Rhea built up by the previous two battles by hijacking it for a battle against TWSITD instead of the main threat. Including fights against TWSITD would disrupt the narrative's pacing, and I feel that would ultimately detract from the story.
Fighting TWSITD interferes with Crimson Flower's timeline.
Consider the timeline here. Crimson Flower is set up to work within the game's one-battle-a-month narrative. It has a set starting date (the Millennium Festival) and a set end date (4/30). Both of these dates are significant. The Millennium Festival starting point is set up throughout White Clouds and is the impetus for Byleth's awakening in every route - so the devs couldn't possibly change it. However, the end date has symbolic importance for another reason - it's the Fire Emblem series' birthday. Yes, really. Do you really think it's coincidental? I certainly don't - especially when the storyline already intentionally compresses the last two battles into the span of a day or two to make this end date line up. And if this timeline isn't coincidental, then the developers would have to work very, very hard to slot an entire battle into the storyline - either completely changing the one-battle-a-month structure or making Shambala a paralogue. The former just seems infeasible at a glance; the latter seems strange since raiding Shambala likely changes the entire story by starting a war against TWSITD, as argued above. So raiding Shambala most likely robs the calendar of Crimson Flower of its very real significance.
Let's remember that not all cut content is cut because of time. There are plenty of reasons why, as the story of Crimson Flower came together, it may have become clear to the writers that including the war against TWSITD into Crimson Flower would screw up the story. And so not including the war against TWSITD was very likely a deliberate decision.
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2020.11.23 06:30 ramosrml Passed PMI-ACP (6AT/BT) after taking PMP

I don’t exactly know where to post this since there’s no official subreddit for PMI-ACP unlike PMP, so I’m also sharing this here just in case someone finds it helpful.
Earlier this year, I posted about how I managed to pass the PMP certification and shared my study materials, some tips, and personal experiences (see the post here). 5 months came by and I also got my PMI-ACP on the exact date of halloween. There are very few posts about the PMI-ACP examination so I’m sharing this in the hopes of helping someone who’s also planning to take the PMI-ACP exam. I decided to take a relaxed pace for PMI-ACP since I’m basically still replenishing myself from sitting for the PMP, but I personally believe that one could bag the PMI-ACP exam in a relevantly shorter time frame.
PMI-ACP Study Materials:
  1. PMI-ACP Exam Prep for PMBOK 6 by Joseph Philips
  1. Agile Practice Guide
  1. PMI-ACP Exam Prep by Mike Griffiths
  1. Head First Agile by Andrew Stellman and Jennifer Greene
  1. Edward Chung Blog
Practice Exams:
There are actually a lot of exam prep materials available online but very few are legit and have good recommendations. I mostly chose those that are at around 120Q since I wanted to create an experience that is as close to the actual PMI-ACP exam as possible. Below are the links together with my first-try scores.
  1. Questions from Mike Griffith’s book (140Q)s, 77%
  2. Questions from Head First Agile book (120Q), 64%
  3. PMI-ACP Exam Prep for PMBOK 6 by Joseph Philips (115Q), 77%
  4. Whizlab (120Q), 63%
  5. PMI-ACP Practice Exams - PMBOK 6 by Joseph Philips
  1. Other exam prep questions online (total of 100Q in all), 80%
After finishing the exams for the first time, I conducted a second run on my study materials to take note and to fill in any gaps in my knowledge. I retook the exams a week before the actual PMI-ACP exam just to refresh and to warm myself up for the big day. My scores in the refresher were around 81-96%.
Personal tips:
  1. Work on your application first. An approved PMI exam application is a separate milestone itself. Backtracking your agile project experiences could be very tedious. Moreover, this step could also bring unnecessary anxieties of being audited/rejected. I suggest getting over with it ASAP so you can focus right on your studies.
  2. Write down your notes. There’s no one material that completely covers the PMI-ACP exam content outline, unlike the PMP which has the PMBOK. I had a small lined notebook where I wrote the important definitions/enumerations from all the studying materials I used. It helped me to easily backtrack on important key points and to fulfill any confusions/knowledge gaps.
  3. Acquire the agile mindset. As someone who just came from the PMP exam, I particularly found this to be very tricky. I encountered questions that could be answered incorrectly if the PMP PMI-isms are used, especially those that concern documentations and change requests. It is important to be constantly reminded that agility puts greater value on other things beside comprehensive docs and following a plan. Committing to my memory the Agile Manifesto’s 4 values/12 principles and as well as the tasks per domain helped me map out the PMP PMI-isms and the agile mindset and bridge the gap between the two.
  4. Ensure that your PC/laptop meets the Pearson VUE CBT requirements. For those who are going to take the exam at home like I did, make sure to perform the Pearson VUE system check. For Mac users, you will need to allow OnVUE within ‘System Preferences: Security & Privacy: Privacy’ settings for Microphone, Camera, and Input Monitoring. I used Macbook Air (13 inch 2017) at macOS Catalina ver10.15.7 and it worked pretty well during the exam.
  5. Train yourself to sit for a 3-hour exam. Unlike the PMP exam which lets you have a break and stretch a bit halfway through, the PMI-ACP exam is to be completed in 3-hrs straight, no breaks in between. Answer your mock exams/exam prep materials as if it were the real thing. For each exam prep material that I had, I simulated the actual exam scenarios/policies such as the Pearson VUE’s system test, check-in procedures, and other constraints/restrictions. I did this for about 6 times and I could definitely say that it helped me get used to the PMI-ACP exam experience itself. Sitting on the actual exam felt like just another mock exam.
  6. Pray all your worries and anxieties away. Believe in yourself that you got this and that you’re not alone in this journey. Surrender it all to whatever God(s) you have. You are destined to pass the exam. Claim it! Don’t forget to share your blessings to others as well!
That pretty much sums it all up for my PMI-ACP journey. I scored AT/AT/AT/AT/AT/BT on my PMI-ACP. The actual exam experiences are similar to that of my PMP exam. The difficulty/length of questions and trickiness of choices are the same for both exams. There are always more than one possible answer but you have to select the best one. Though overall, it took me less effort on the PMI-ACP, primarily because the exam’s scope is not as big as PMP’s and because I’ve already trained myself to deal with similarly patterned questions when I was studying for PMP. I’d also say that the PMI-ACP is not a sure pass exam. It also needs to be taken seriously and to be invested with effort because it requires a solid foundation on various agile principles/methodologies. It is not to be underestimated and certainly not a license that you could get away with just context clues.
I hope you find this post helpful, especially to those who are still planning to start studying for the exam. Don’t hesitate to comment down below if you have any questions in mind. Good luck! Claim it and you shall pass! Congratulations in advance!
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2020.11.23 06:07 Relaximfuckingwithu Winload.efi Error After Installing Drivers

We got a new set of laptops that have a slightly different hardware than the same model we had ordered previously. When imaging, it gets to Setup Windows and Config Manager and reboots. It then fails to install Config Manager Client and then boots to
"Windows Recovery. The application or operating system couldn't be loaded because a required file is missing or contains errors.
File \WINDOWS\System32\winload.efi
Error Code 0xc000000e"

I have updated the drivers and created a new driver package that has been distributed to the DPs. I also added it to the Boot Image. Any ideas on why it would be failing? Here's the SMSTS

==============================[ TSBootShell.exe ]============================== TSBootShell 11/22/2020 9:23:23 PM 1684 (0x0694)
Succeeded loading resource DLL 'X:\sms\bin\x64\1033\TSRES.DLL' TSBootShell 11/22/2020 9:23:23 PM 1684 (0x0694)
Debug shell is enabled TSBootShell 11/22/2020 9:23:23 PM 1684 (0x0694)
Waiting for PNP initialization... TSBootShell 11/22/2020 9:23:23 PM 1700 (0x06A4)
RAM Disk Boot Path: NET(0)\SMSIMAGES\C1N00308\BOOT.C1N00308.WIM TSBootShell 11/22/2020 9:23:23 PM 1700 (0x06A4)
Booted from network (PXE) TSBootShell 11/22/2020 9:23:23 PM 1700 (0x06A4)
Network(PXE) path: X:\sms\data\ TSBootShell 11/22/2020 9:23:23 PM 1700 (0x06A4)
Found config path X:\sms\data\ TSBootShell 11/22/2020 9:23:23 PM 1700 (0x06A4)
Booting from removable media, not restoring bootloaders on hard drive TSBootShell 11/22/2020 9:23:23 PM 1700 (0x06A4)
X:\sms\data\WinPE does not exist. TSBootShell 11/22/2020 9:23:23 PM 1700 (0x06A4)
X:\_SmsTsWinPE\WinPE does not exist. TSBootShell 11/22/2020 9:23:23 PM 1700 (0x06A4)
Executing command line: wpeinit.exe -winpe TSBootShell 11/22/2020 9:23:23 PM 1700 (0x06A4)
The command completed successfully. TSBootShell 11/22/2020 9:23:29 PM 1700 (0x06A4)
Setting offline Windows drive and OS root directory to Task Sequence environment. TSBootShell 11/22/2020 9:23:29 PM 1700 (0x06A4)
Processing volume S:\ TSBootShell 11/22/2020 9:23:29 PM 1700 (0x06A4)
pOs != NULL, HRESULT=80070490 (..\offlineos.cpp,89) TSBootShell 11/22/2020 9:23:29 PM 1700 (0x06A4)
Unable to find a Windows system root at S:\ TSBootShell 11/22/2020 9:23:29 PM 1700 (0x06A4)
Processing volume C:\ TSBootShell 11/22/2020 9:23:29 PM 1700 (0x06A4)
OfflineRegistry::Init("C:\WINDOWS") TSBootShell 11/22/2020 9:23:29 PM 1700 (0x06A4)
Loading offline registry hive "C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\software" into HKLM\OfflineRegistry1 TSBootShell 11/22/2020 9:23:29 PM 1700 (0x06A4)
Loading offline registry hive "C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\system" into HKLM\OfflineRegistry2 TSBootShell 11/22/2020 9:23:29 PM 1700 (0x06A4)
CurrentControlSet is mapped to ControlSet001 TSBootShell 11/22/2020 9:23:29 PM 1700 (0x06A4)
Volume C:\ is a valid volume with Windows system root at C:\WINDOWS. TSBootShell 11/22/2020 9:23:29 PM 1700 (0x06A4)
Setting offline Windows drive and OS root directory to boot shell environment variables TSBootShell 11/22/2020 9:23:29 PM 1700 (0x06A4)
_OSDDetectedWinDrive='C:\', _OSDDetectedWinDir='C:\WINDOWS' TSBootShell 11/22/2020 9:23:29 PM 1700 (0x06A4)
Unloading offline SOFTWARE registry hive TSBootShell 11/22/2020 9:23:29 PM 1700 (0x06A4)
Unloading offline SYSTEM registry hive TSBootShell 11/22/2020 9:23:29 PM 1700 (0x06A4)
Starting DNS client service. TSBootShell 11/22/2020 9:23:29 PM 1700 (0x06A4)
Executing command line: X:\sms\bin\x64\TsmBootstrap.exe /env:WinPE /configpath:X:\sms\data\ TSBootShell 11/22/2020 9:23:29 PM 1700 (0x06A4)
The command completed successfully. TSBootShell 11/22/2020 9:23:29 PM 1700 (0x06A4)
==============================[ TSMBootStrap.exe ]============================== TSMBootstrap 11/22/2020 9:23:29 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Command line: X:\sms\bin\x64\TsmBootstrap.exe /env:WinPE /configpath:X:\sms\data\ TSMBootstrap 11/22/2020 9:23:29 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Succeeded loading resource DLL 'X:\sms\bin\x64\1033\TSRES.DLL' TSMBootstrap 11/22/2020 9:23:29 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Succeeded loading resource DLL 'X:\sms\bin\x64\TSRESNLC.DLL' TSMBootstrap 11/22/2020 9:23:29 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Current OS version is 10.0.18362.0 TSMBootstrap 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
In WinPE starting tsmbootstrap.exe version 5.0.8913.1000 from location 'X:\sms\bin\x64\TsmBootstrap.exe' TSMBootstrap 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Adding SMS bin folder "X:\sms\bin\x64" to the system environment PATH TSMBootstrap 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
In PXE boot starting tsmsbootstrap.exe version 5.0.8913.1000 from location 'X:\sms\bin\x64\TsmBootstrap.exe' TSMBootstrap 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
PXE Boot with Root = X:\ TSMBootstrap 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Executing from PXE in WinPE TSMBootstrap 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Loading TsPxe.dll from X:\sms\bin\x64\TsPxe.dll TSMBootstrap 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
TsPxe.dll loaded TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Device has PXE booted TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Variable Path: \SMSTemp\2020.{955D105A-1622-4636-836F-BA620789F6A2}.boot.var TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Variable Key Len: 69 TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Successfully added firewall rule for Tftp TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Attempt: 1. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Executing: X:\sms\bin\x64\smstftp.exe get \SMSTemp\2020.{955D105A-1622-4636-836F-BA620789F6A2}.boot.var X:\sms\data\variables.dat TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Command line for extension .exe is "%1" %* TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Set command line: "X:\sms\bin\x64\smstftp.exe" get \SMSTemp\2020.{955D105A-1622-4636-836F-BA620789F6A2}.boot.var X:\sms\data\variables.dat TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Executing command line: "X:\sms\bin\x64\smstftp.exe" get \SMSTemp\2020.{955D105A-1622-4636-836F-BA620789F6A2}.boot.var X:\sms\data\variables.dat with options (0, 0) TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Process completed with exit code 0 TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Successfully downloaded PXE variable file. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Booted using PXE TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Booted using PXE and using a generated password TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Loading Media Variables from "X:\sms\data\variables.dat" TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
CryptDecrypt (hKey, 0, 1, 0, pData, &dwDecryptedLen), HRESULT=80090005 (..\windes.cpp,165) TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
SMS::Crypto::DES::DecryptBuffer( (BYTE*)pszPassword, (DWORD)(wcslen(pszPassword)*sizeof(WCHAR)), encryptedBuffer.getBuffer(), (DWORD)encryptedBuffer.size(), pbDecryptedBuffer, dwDecryptedBufferSize ), HRESULT=80090005 (..\tsremovablemedia.cpp,387) TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Verifying media password. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Loading Media Variables from "X:\sms\data\variables.dat" TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Found network adapter "Realtek USB GbE Family Controller" with IP Address TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Loading Media Variables from "X:\sms\data\variables.dat" TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
CryptDecrypt (hKey, 0, 1, 0, pData, &dwDecryptedLen), HRESULT=80090005 (..\windes.cpp,165) TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
SMS::Crypto::DES::DecryptBuffer( (BYTE*)pszPassword, (DWORD)(wcslen(pszPassword)*sizeof(WCHAR)), encryptedBuffer.getBuffer(), (DWORD)encryptedBuffer.size(), pbDecryptedBuffer, dwDecryptedBufferSize ), HRESULT=80090005 (..\tsremovablemedia.cpp,387) TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Entering TSMediaWizardControl::GetPolicy. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Creating key 'Software\Microsoft\SMS\47006C006F00620061006C005C007B00350031004100300031003600420036002D0046003000440045002D0034003700350032002D0042003900370043002D003500340045003600460033003800360041003900310032007D00' TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Environment scope successfully created: Global\{51A016B6-F0DE-4752-B97C-54E6F386A912} TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Creating key 'Software\Microsoft\SMS\47006C006F00620061006C005C007B00420041003300410033003900300030002D0043004100360044002D0034006100630031002D0038004300320038002D003500300037003300410046004300320032004200300033007D00' TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Environment scope successfully created: Global\{BA3A3900-CA6D-4ac1-8C28-5073AFC22B03} TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
If current logging settings specify more logging details to be preserved, update these settings in Task Sequence environment. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Current LogMaxSize is saved to Task Sequence environment since it has not been saved before. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Current LogMaxHistory is saved to Task Sequence environment since it has not been saved before. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Current LogLevel is saved to Task Sequence environment since it has not been saved before. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Current LogEnabled is saved to Task Sequence environment since it has not been saved before. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Current LogDebug is saved to Task Sequence environment since it has not been saved before. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Setting to TS environemnt _OSDDetectedWinDrive=C:\ TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Setting to TS environemnt _OSDDetectedWinDir=C:\WINDOWS TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
UEFI: true TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Loading variables from the Task Sequencing Removable Media. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Loading Media Variables from "X:\sms\data\variables.dat" TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Succeeded loading resource DLL 'X:\sms\bin\x64\1033\TSRES.DLL' TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Setting SMSTSMP Task Sequence environment variable TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Setting _SMSMediaGuid Task Sequence environment variable TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Setting _SMSTSBootMediaPackageID Task Sequence environment variable TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Setting _SMSTSHTTPPort Task Sequence environment variable TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Setting _SMSTSHTTPSPort Task Sequence environment variable TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Setting _SMSTSIISSSLState Task Sequence environment variable TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Setting _SMSTSLaunchMode Task Sequence environment variable TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Setting _SMSTSMediaPFX Task Sequence environment variable TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Setting _SMSTSPublicRootKey Task Sequence environment variable TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Setting _SMSTSSiteCode Task Sequence environment variable TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Setting _SMSTSSiteSigningCertificate Task Sequence environment variable TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Setting _SMSTSUseFirstCert Task Sequence environment variable TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Setting _SMSTSx64UnknownMachineGUID Task Sequence environment variable TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Setting _SMSTSx86UnknownMachineGUID Task Sequence environment variable TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Missing root CA environment variable from variables file TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Support Unknown Machines: 0 TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Custom hook from X:\\TSConfig.INI is TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
No hook is found to be executed before downloading policy TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Authenticator from the environment is empty. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Need to create Authenticator Info using PFX TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Initialized CStringStream object with string: fc9cd019-93bf-471f-9747-09832db5eac4;2020-11-23T05:23:32Z. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Current time info: . TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Getting MP time information TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Requesting client identity TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Setting the authenticator. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
CLibSMSMessageWinHttpTransport::Send: WinHttpOpenRequest - URL: /ccm_system/request TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Not in SSL. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Request was successful. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
::DecompressBuffer(65536) TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Decompression (zlib) succeeded: original size 458, uncompressed size 2564. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
-60 -60 TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Server time zone info: 300, , [0 11 0 1 2 0 0 0], 0, , [0 3 0 2 2 0 0 0], -60 TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Client Identity: TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Netbios name: TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Current time: 2020-11-23 05:23:32.939 TZ:Pacific Standard Time Bias:0480 TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Time zone: 480,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,Pacific Standard Time, TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Bias=480,StandardBias=0,DaylightBias=0 TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
StandardDate.wYear=0,wMonth=0,wDayOfWeek=0,wDay=0,wHour=0,wMinute=0,wSecond=0,wMilliseconds=0 TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
DaylightDate.wYear=0,wMonth=0,wDayOfWeek=0,wDay=0,wHour=0,wMinute=0,wSecond=0,wMilliseconds=0 TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
StandardName=Pacific Standard Time,DaylightName= TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Adjusting the system time: -10799.782 seconds TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:32 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Time zone: 300,0,-60,0,11,0,1,2,0,0,0,0,3,0,2,2,0,0,0,, TSPxe 11/23/2020 12:23:32 AM 1928 (0x0788)
Bias=300,StandardBias=0,DaylightBias=-60 TSPxe 11/23/2020 12:23:32 AM 1928 (0x0788)
StandardDate.wYear=0,wMonth=11,wDayOfWeek=0,wDay=1,wHour=2,wMinute=0,wSecond=0,wMilliseconds=0 TSPxe 11/23/2020 12:23:32 AM 1928 (0x0788)
DaylightDate.wYear=0,wMonth=3,wDayOfWeek=0,wDay=2,wHour=2,wMinute=0,wSecond=0,wMilliseconds=0 TSPxe 11/23/2020 12:23:32 AM 1928 (0x0788)
StandardName=,DaylightName= TSPxe 11/23/2020 12:23:32 AM 1928 (0x0788)
New time: 2020-11-23 02:23:33.156 TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:33 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Current time: 2020-11-23 02:23:33.156 TZ: Bias:0300 TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:33 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Set media certificate in transport TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:33 PM 1928 (0x0788)
CLibSMSMessageWinHttpTransport::Send: WinHttpOpenRequest - URL: /SMS_MP/.sms_aut?MPKEYINFORMATIONMEDIA TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:33 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Not in SSL. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:33 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Request was successful. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:33 PM 1928 (0x0788)
New MP settings: TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:33 PM 1928 (0x0788)
site=C1N,C1N, MP=
ports: http=80,https=443 TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:33 PM 1928 (0x0788)
certificates are received from Management Point. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:33 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Unknown machine GUIDs: 504e1575-0453-4c03-8e6a-48c4dc1e14a3 a39e6b2a-6671-4582-b7c9-fa19c01987ca TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:33 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Downloading policy from . TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:33 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Initializing HTTP transport. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:33 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Setting URL = . TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:33 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Setting Ports = 80,443. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:33 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Setting CRL = false. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:33 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Setting Server Certificates. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:33 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Setting Media Certificate. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:33 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Preparing Client Identity Request. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:33 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Setting transport. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:33 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Setting SourceID = fc9cd019-93bf-471f-9747-09832db5eac4. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:33 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Setting site code = C1N. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:33 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Can not find DeploymentType in file TsmBootstrap.ini or the file doesn't exist. This is not running on Windows To Go. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:33 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Setting SMBIOS GUID = 82B3E332-E9FF-7F5B-9C9F-BB6DD98985E7. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:33 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Adding MAC Address D0:94:66:F6:C6:2D. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:33 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Executing Client Identity Request. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:33 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Requesting client identity TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:33 PM 1928 (0x0788)
Setting the authenticator. TSPxe 11/22/2020 9:23:33 PM 1928 (0x0788)
CLibSMSMessageWinHttpTransport::Send: WinHttpOpenRequest - URL:
Thanks in advance!!
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2020.11.23 05:41 Draemeth [For Hire] Marketing and SEO

My name is Zack Frederick and I started doing marketing several years ago as i began my first yoga ‘e-business', realising very quickly that the difference between me and the next John Doe wasn’t the product but the presentation. So I set about, by trial and error, learning how I could sell more Yoga mats than John Doe. It wasn’t long before I realised I was very good at the marketing aspect, and I didn’t really like things like warehousing and distribution.
Today I’m most interested in building reports, designing paid campaigns and helping with Instagram.
I’ve compiled a few free tips for general marketing and SEO.

Brand awareness

First off. Influencers will not magically make your website successful. You have to be your own influencer. Over my tenor, I have spent thousands on social media analysis, rebranding and learning tricks like sticking state names across American products or even changing the colour of my website depending on the demographics of my audience. Spoilers, guys love red. Here’s an example data set.
Last year, I ran a campaign for one of my shoe clients, and we used the pride of state consumers to grow his shoe business. I researched the best colours to use for different states and gave him a list, we put the state names across his shoes and marketed directly to them through instagram. It wasn’t long before his conversion metrics were soaring.
Here's an example report from one of my clients -


I have worked with a lot of musicians, a big part of them started with low view, audio-only videos. I learnt quickly that for them to achieve success they had to provide value, so i told them to create videos. They did and then ta-da, they had 4500 views when they only had 200 view music videos before. For the next step, I even got them contacts with massive digital celebrities. My proudest connection having been ‘Ninja’ during the height of his fortnite campaign, I organised the marketing behind several viral Fortnite music parodies with now millions of views.

Trend riding

Make use of trends in your business. If something is so mainstream and big, why ignore it? In the past I have made use of the political trends in the American election with trump AND hillary brands on some of my clients products, with the pro trump and pro hillary supporters wanting to sport their political beliefs no matter the cost.
I see a lot of website based businesses underuse social media with broad attempts at Facebook ads and Instagram ads, ill go to digital marketing agencies and see they either have no social following or a huge botted one. It's a terrible idea to buy followers, if you want to cut corners then you should look at buying a smaller business with a bigger social following.
Here’s the impressions from a tweet I made on the first day of creating a company a twitter platform and using trend riding and collaboration to grow it 4K Impressions on one tweet in 15 minutes - we hit 80k impressions in the first day. I did this from simply mimiking the formula for success from a similiar company account, i don't want to try change the magic formula for success.



You really do have to stay in touch with your business to know what's working and what isn't, companies like Toys R Us refused to do that and stuck with huge stockpiles of star wars toys and then they collapsed. Blockbusters where ahead of the curve for digital movies and then they refused to change, Netflix changed and Netflix won. Amazon learnt to use online selling and left companies like Tescos with financial crisis.
The big boom in marketing that I’ve seen is social media marketing, marketers can create huge social following for companies and use that platform to sell content for extremely low costs in comparison to the tens of thousands it costs to use other platforms such as radio. Social media marketing has become somewhat controversial, but it is important to always stay open minded.

Collaboration** & Viral content

I can not stress the importance of working with other people. Every billionaire i know of has had a mentor, every big company success story had business partners. I've had far more success in clients who have listened to me and done collaborative work with digital celebs, with a dog product business making thousands of sales when they worked with vlogger Zoella and gave her free products.
Viral content is very important because every Youtuber with over 1 million subscribers has started off big and managed to keep it big, nobody grinded and slowly rose up at an equal exponent. Hard work is fine but being consistent and mixing it up, copying the viral content of others is an easy way of bringing in secondary viewership and traffic. Pewdiepie, the biggest youtuber on the planet, started with viral horror content. Ninja, the biggest streamer, grinded for 7 years but only truly struck gold with the virality of Fortnite. So it makes sense to repeat their methods.

Key words

It is an obvious thing to say but it's neglected, key words are very important. I had a crypto business come to me and ask why their site wasnt doing very well, and i looked through it and saw they never mentioned anything beyond bitcoin. Bitcoin is a very expensive key word to market, with costs of the raw word being as high as 38$ per click. I had to bring them down to earth with harsh truths, i rewrote their entire site using SEM tools in mind - with key words and phrases like "Altcoin exchange" and using the names of the top 100 altcoins across the site.


Search Engine Optimisation is the name given to increasing the value and raw volume of your organic traffic. A successful website always wants as many of the most likely consumer base to encounter their product because that’s the hardest point of digital business. Your websites SEO is determined by crawlers which regularly check up on your website and update their index which is later used by an algorithm to order results when someone ‘googles’ something.
Today I’m going to be talking you through some key points about SEO that I personally audit for businesses.


Https://Www.Example.Com is an example of something we call a ‘root domain’ which is made up of protocol (https://) subdomain (www.) domain name (example) and top-level domain (.com). These are the basic parts. It’s important that the protocol is the best and safest it can be or else google will punish you. It’s also important your domain name and top-level domain are appropriate and readable. The words used in your subdomain can also affect how customers interpret your website, websites can be named after their market base for easy marketing. In addition, the age and previous registrations of your domain matter. It’s important these factors are appropriately considered in your website. Be minimal with subdomains.


Google knows where it’s users are and what they’re using from their browser data, IPs and MACs and then matches them with websites in their areas or appropriate to searches. Ever since the infamous 2016 update ‘Possum’ it is not something you can ignore. Even jobs based websites had to use the meta data ‘Jobs Schema’ (from 2017 onwards) to tell google where your website was focused. Location specific landing pages matter. You have to pay credence to DNS (domain name server) and Glue to keep TTL (time to load) and mobile in mind, especially with more mobile users than ever. CMS (customs) is also part of this discussion: themes and plugins are a factor in Google’s ranking. One way to improve TTL is through CDN’s and we have to consider how we approach them to rank better. Sometimes, you might face penalties and there are ways to know; that’s a little too hard to explain here but PM me for more.


Nobody loves a book more than google. Robots will read all your website, even the stuff humans don’t bother with. Things like duplication will annoy Google who doesn’t like reading things twice. CTA’s (buttons basically) have to go somewhere nice and if they don’t work properly google will punish you. Human biases are important too. The user experience will effect their retention and Google will clock that. There’s also lots of minor things that can stack up: Filenames (help you rank on Images) Thin content (Google sees it as lazy) phrase diversity (spamming key words is noticed) and URL structures too! Make sure your in and outbound links are healthy as well as having keyword mapping where you assign the correct words to the right pages. Make sure your anchor texts (viewable when linking) are descriptive yet succinct. And finally: link velocity, a healthy eco system of link building is important to longevity and renewed SEO.

Technical Stuff.

Consistent anchor elements are important to prevent 404s. Don’t use abbreviations with naming files and folders. Limit use of dates for file folder names. Your site architecture has to be simple and close to the root domain so the click depth isn’t too great! Links to and from your site can’t be dead ends, and use breadcrumbs! Be wary of canonical issues from similar content across multiple URLs. Treat Cookies and Session IDs properly, privacy laws are ever changed and mismatching them can be dangerous. There’s lots more to go into like header status codes, site maps, GSC Crawl Errors but Reddit has a text limit so I’ve deleted some of my post.

PM me if interested in my services or with questions.

~28-35 USD hourly
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2020.11.23 05:31 Div_Dad_of2 Assistance/Opinion: 4 yrs &13 days My Intuition proved to be Spot On / Correct.

Very long - This narrative is compelling sadley too typical towards a man's intuition. Please share and comment (I know what I need to do; others may not):
Disclaimer: First and foremost, if you can ever relate to the comfort of knowing you were right about anything that triggered your "Spidey sense", this post should be a great read, and a wake up call to all of us good men that think we are doing everything right (flowers without earning them, gifts and payment, etc.,..
If you think this way, you need to change your beliefs, your actions and behaviors, because what I am pushing here will prove that your thoughts, feelings, questions of your significant others are not what they seem.
Background: I, a.M(42) have been dating this woman, F(48) and at the time of potential incident she was 44 where I was 38. The following are facts that have transpired since our courtship:
Met her on Okcupid and initially hit it off. She however had her life going on and I was just getting out of a lengthy relationship where my ex-wife of 10 yrs, and I had finalized our legal agreements, so I was back out on the market with my safe old ways (being a stupid beta bitch).
The story:
Moving away from my ex-wife, I was at a point in my life where I was transotioning with my life and had been cleared to move forward with potential dating opertunities without fear of being penalized (military UCMJ issues rectified).
So I romantically invited this woman (Subj-44 year old) to a professional event as my date (Ball in late Oct for a Nov event) and she accepted. We enjoyed a night of bliss, sex and early morning conversation(s) as we had a very nice brunch and continued on to a normal grown up encounter. However....
Being a newly indoctrinated batechlor, I paid it no mind and was thankful to the enjoyable evening (needing a win in the sex column).
However, after brunch, she went on about her way, and I the same. Going for a run and workout, not paying it no mind.
At the time I was attending a course that I had to travel back for and it was over 3 1/2 hour drive.
Guy talk in class, we all celebrated a successful first date and drifted away from the topic at hand until... A few sexy pics along with an invite for the following weekend at her mom's for her sister's bday. The gentlemen's I was with conveyed that I excersise caution... I didn't listen.
First date details: So the date occured on Oct 30th, the next week's date.was on 5 Nov. I was smitten, and in need of more self soothing which was expected to be a sure thing. As the guys try to convincee to excersise caution, I am obviously thinking with the wrong head.
So just prior to the weeks classes and multiple text messages, I confirm the second mother's home where I was sure to meet her family.
Not scared, I accept and attended; stayed with her, we fucked again, and again... Life is good right....?
Well, all of these things that I was cautioned of came to a head, so I start the Interview process... Everything seems to check out.... except over the next few weeks I start to get these weird feelings, long responses, time travel, etc.
Flashback: She immediately tells me about her recent ex BF that was crazy, right...
Then I find out she's on Alprazolam and found condoms in her nightstand because that's what men do when they've been.cheated on right (the night stand on the side where I was sleeping for the weekend).
Regardless, I dismiss this as just non of business.right? was everything.
Then, I get my kids the next weekend, and she had two events that have always stuck out to me and were noted in my calendar, so they have been there for a while.
The first: she was watching one of her friends (a dude she used to fuck) dogs for a couple of days that I learned she had fucked this dude prior to us meeting, and he was just a friend ("just a friend right"...). That night (Nov 3rd - two days before I got there) she was out with this guy for approximately 3 1/2 hrs, at a bar, then she came home with an excuse after I had texted herultiple te, bit not too much, because that shouldn't matter right?. Finally she got home after midnight and had an excuse that she fell asleep.... Riiiiiiight..
The second, which was just discovered (today I found this out) because of her secondary hidden, gmail acct.
She drove to the area where her ex lover lived (over 3 hrs away) on Nov 9th 2016.
The third, was being that I was able to discover that she was using a separate acct.that on her way home from visiting me in WV when I took my kids home to my parents home. On her way home she stopped by his house on December 22nd where the drive home.was only 4 1/2.hrs.and it took her over 8 1/2 hrs to get where she was home safe. The Google map data is undeniable.
The real shitty thing about this was that after the Nov 9th event I confirmed today, (3 days after her suspected encounter, she told me she had an STD, right...?
OKAY, - NOW of I had been with anyone except my ex-wife, so there's no way she could spin it that I have it to her.
But I truly believe it was her ex that gave it to her, or some random person (being online dating etc., etc.).
Days after I learn she went to an unscheded Dr. Appointment where I just figured it was a routine thing, and that we were so new in the relationship, who cares right?
Then she came back (with results) and she told me she tested for chlamydia.
So she encourages me to go get tested; now I go do the test and it came back negitive.... the odd part is now I believe our first encounter (no protection) bad on me, and the following weekend for her sister's birthday (no protection), then I discover the dates she was with her ex after, and then all of a sudden it was abstinence because of her period. I'm cool with that, but as soon as I she got the results and mine, you could tell it was like she was trying to make sure it wasn't me.
Fucking strange because I hadn't been with anyone other than my ex wife and that was a 10 year monogamous relationship.
Provided to her the proof, (i.e. document of negitive findings) and I just chalked it up to her lifestyle vs mine and she was probably a little bit of a whore.
No worries, this was just the kind of girl I needed to transition from my fucked up marriage. A promiscuous chick who puts out on the first date; tattoos, hair dresser, etc.... you know all of the key indicators on the "crazy / hot matrix".
However, she then invites me to her family's place in New York for Thanksgiving, I was like sure, I'll give this a chance, maybe she isn't like that and I would love to be proven wrong.
The problem is, this is where I believe she was acting out her chameleon ways, because what I recently found points to her being with her ex ex on Nov 9th and a friend with benefits on Nov 3rd.
Looking back it's almost like she had zero idea who gave it to her and she was waiting at the finish line with the Negitive Test results. So I guess I'm the safe bet right? Stable career, fit, good looking and genuinely a nice guy, easy to manipulate... Wrong!
After the holidays things were great; we had been to her families house in NYC for Thanksgiving, and I felt that I was just being paranoid due to my trama from my marriage, and that I need to give it a chance, plus I knew I had no business dating that serious until after my divorce was final (one year rule).
However, I was a good, reliable guy... a respectable miliary careerist. I was focused on my kids and was striving to make every effort to be with them and had zero intentions of introducing them to her because I didn't know where that was going.
So I go home with them (my two boys) for the Christmas break. A good 4 and a half hours from where she lives in D.C. Low and behold, she makes the trip up one evening and got a hotel room just to spend time with me (since I was very firm on not letting her close to my kids yet).
She stays for two nights and I make an effort to break away with my mother doing Christmas cookies and stuff with the kids.
However, I recently found that her 4.5 he trip home lasted almost 12 hours.
Discovering also that she deleted her map data (or turned off her location) in an attempt to not be discovered. The irony is she's pretty reliant on her phone GPS when driving so she needed to turn it on to find her way home.
The problem is she turned it on, 200 ft. From this dude's house. Either she did a fly-by, or to missing hours were there with him (I'll take my chances that she wasn't there to just chit chat).
Then... Two months after, she tells me she had herpes.
I was in shock!
She tells me because I think she got it from this dude, So I go back to the lab and tested for this now.... And prove that I am not infected.
Main Idea: My point and questions are that I have had suspicious questions that she had something going on then, which have burned suspicious activities now.
But when I found her secondary acct (google) I was able to pinpoint the locations of where she was on her timeline back at the early points of our relationship that I never thought were there.
This includes all of her search history and locations, texts, the works. A factor that she semlessly hid with a single letter difference in her profile, that when I explained that to her before, she said she had two and brushed it aside.
Pretty canny too, creating a profile with such a slight change at a glance you would never had noticed (adding two I - uu vs u).
I feel like an idiot; I almost asked her to marry me, and then revolted at her suggestions for commitment years later.
Being that I now have this information and have been adamantly focused on her actions, keeping her in check, there is still this underlining distrust that I need to address. I also feel the relationship becoming resentful because I do ask a lot of questions, and I do now track her location and have access to her phone.
I have focused a lot of my attention on her and her issues; forgoing my own, and I have sufferede heavily with a mental steess of my own that I have continue to battle (betweeny own issues and dealing with hers).
I am pretty observant, my issues are that I don't know how to confront her about these issues, and feel that she thinks I'm paranoid about here being "free And spirit that needs to not be channeled" which is being now used against me that she's ready to settle down and think she knows everything because of her life experiences.
I have zero invested with her, financially. We fly rent (because of my career), we have paid debt and I feel like she's trying to get me to marry her for her own betterment as I am her free ticket to a stable life.
How do I approach this situation with a clear head...?
Yes everyone can say dump the bitch you have zero obligation, but it's a little different when you have vested time, my kids now know her, our stuff is close to being considered common law marriage and her mother is a very established attorney.
Handling this with kid gloves is what I'm really looking for, so anyone with guidance I really appreciate your assistance.
All points lead to someone I can't trust, but she now thinks her past must have been forgotten because it's now been years, and I feel she thinks she gotten away with a crime that someone like me was ready and waiting to unfold - I don't forget shit.
Caveat:. I have caught her taking naked pictures of herself (without proof of sendinging them to who knows what social media type accts);.searching for the same two guys on FB and/or IG, and after reviewing same she has denied to recall/ remember my call-outs to questioning.
Blame shifting and she has told me I am insecure and have issues from my past, gasslighting at best, unscathed by her emotional deception as I knew years ago something was up then, I just didn't have the opertunity or assets or time until now to truly deep dive this exhausting journey.
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2020.11.23 04:29 lucutes2nd [PC][~2000-2005] A 3D helicopter-only game

I used to have a disk of the game and played it in 2005. Basically you control a helicopter and I vaguely remember a dessert map and I had to shoot down a lot of incoming planes (most likely).
Red Shark is the same concept and similar release date, link to the video just to have an idea how the game looks like -
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2020.11.23 02:31 stickmansma Game performance unplayable after Steam transfer and New Season.

Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone could help me with some FPS trouble I've been having. I haven't played in a month or two. I recently moved the game files over to steam by cancelling the steam download and pasting the game files in the new directory.
My GPU is a Radeon Rx480 and ran the game around 100 fps before on medium settings. Now it idles in the training map around 28 fps.
I've tried:
All to no avail. My drivers and bios are all up to date. I should add that my temps are fine.
Does anyone have other ideas as to what my problem may be? Thank you.
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2020.11.23 01:00 thrwaway_justdone My relationship, discovery of paternity fraud, and search for biological father.

To those who are unaware of my original post, you can find it here:
A good number of people wanted to know how my circumstances snowballed into what it became today. It's going to be an extremely long post that I'll summarize in the end.
My STBXW and I began dating when we were both 16 but knew each other since middle school. I would say that our relationship back then was strong: we were the type of kids that avoided any situation with too much conflict so we did our best to be understanding of one another.
There was nothing in our 8 years of dating that stuck out to me as potential affairs. We never had breaks and we went to the same university. If she cheated during that time period, the only way I would know would be a confession. I'm not going to wait for one.
We went on to work in the same company after graduation but in separate fields. I knew what her schedule was and she knew mine, we would even meet whenever we had spare time for lunch.
We then got married in June 2008 and shortly after, my mother passed away. It was in a car accident. I cut my honeymoon short to attend her funeral and my STBXW was supportive of me at the time. She would take care of everything while I grieved for my mother with my father. The house, the bills, therapy sessions, emotional support, she did everything a person could. That was who I saw as my wife, whoever she is now I have no idea.
I struggled with depression and nearly lost my career, if it hadn't been for my father and her I don't think I would have ever recovered. I came out of it with the knowledge that my loved ones would have wanted me to be better. So I worked three times harder to advance in my career, I wanted to be able to support a family that my father could spoil as a grandfather. My STBXW, while also advancing in her career, seemed shocked at my drive. I recall her saying that she didn't think she could keep up with me and that she was worried I would leave her behind. Perhaps she developed an insecurity there.
I was able to build enough capital to purchase a good house and we began trying for a baby in 2012. It was during this period that she cheated on me. There was no indication that she was cheating on me, no drop in sex drive, no hiding text messages on her phone, not even a single mention of any new friends. I had no clues whatsoever. As far as I knew at the time, our efforts were paying off.
So once my twins were born, I had everything I dreamed of. A "loving" wife, children to adore, and my father's chance to spoil them. He was so happy, loved them with all his heart. He passed away only two years ago, practically thanking me with tears for being his son. I don't even want to know what would have happened had he been here to witness all this.
As time went on, there would be cracks showing my my STBXW's narrative. In every argument since then, she would call the twins "my twins", accuse me of flirting with coworkers, or grill me on what kind of women I prefered even though she already knew. What seemed to be small issues to me, in hindsight, were red flags that pointed to her having/having had an affair.
So now quarantine hit and we're both, thankfully enough, able to work from home. Albeit with a hit to our salaries. My STBXW had mentioned that she had taken an Ancestry test in the past and I was hopeful that I could find distant relatives to connect with. I wanted to map out a complete family tree to show off to the twins and even planned a scavenger hunt around it.
Needless to say, when I pitched the idea to my STBXW she panicked. Told me that was the stupidest idea she had ever heard and that I already had the family I wanted. What if the relatives I found were dangerous or even criminals. She was grasping at straws to dissuade me from taking that test. I could feel this drop in my gut that wouldn't go away.
Why would she be so against my finding family members? Especially now that I have none left breathing. So I secretly had my twins and I take the test and took them for treats afterwards to buy their silence.
Waiting for the results was hell on earth, my STBXW seemed to catch my unease and tried to distract me with sex, meals, and date nights. I also had the stress of making sure my twins wouldn't mention the test to her so I bought them a Nintendo Switch to preoccupy them. They had been begging for one so I was hoping that would be enough.
Oncs the results came in last week, I saw I wasn't even considered a close match to them. The closest I found to their biological parents was my STBXW and some name I didn't recognize. I nearly vomited right then and there. I had to get out of there. So I waited until my STBXW left on a run, packed up, told my twins I was going on a work trip and called a work colleague to help me find a place to stay. He was kind enough to let me stay with him until I was back on my feet. I took leave from work and spent nearly two days just crying and cursing my STBXW. She would call and text nearly non stop until I told her that I knew about the twins and muted her.
Then I got angry, I had to find the OM and make him understand what he did to my family. He was extremely prevalent on social media so I knew his face now and I recognized a park outside his apartment window in a specific post. From what I could tell, he was single and never was married.
I then waited in that park the next day and was lucky enough to catch him while he was on a jog. He looked so much like me... Just with a longer face and thinner hair.
I called his name and asked him if he knew my STBXW, he seemed confused at first. When I showed him a picture, he actually recognized her and told me he had met her during a work conference 8 years ago. I asked him if he slept with her then and he actually told me right then and there that they did. He seemed to understand where this was headed and asked me who I was. Not going to lie, there were numerous instances where I wanted to punch his lights out. But I had to keep my cool, I couldn't afford to get any spots on my record and an assault charge would have put me out of a job.
We sat down on a park bench and swapped stories, when he found out that the twins were likely his. He was shell-shocked. He got on his knees and begged me to give him a chance to get to know them. "To be a father" he said. I told someone here that I had never seen a man as distraught as him until I looked in the mirror after the confrontation.
At the moment, I have no reason to distrust him. He's been more open than she has been. Nevertheless, I won't allow him to meet the twins without a professional to mediate. I had to call him today to inform him of that. Told him it was to protect the mental health of the twins to which he agreed.
Now, I'm just waiting for the legal side of things to work it's course. I was told by the attorney I interviewed that I needed some documents that I had left back home. I'm not looking forward to that.
tl;dr: STBXW and I have dated since 16, no idea if she cheated on me then. Got married in 2008 and my mother died shortly after. I recovered from depression with help and was able to bounce back, got a house, tried for baby which was when STBXW cheated. Father died about two years ago. Then found out that she cheated after a secret Ancestry test, moved out and found OM.
Edit: Someone in the comments brought up something I had overlooked in my explanation, which was the question of my sperm count. During our attempts of conceiving a child, I had a sperm count done and was told they were good. We had only tried to get pregnant for a couple of weeks before she had a positive pregnancy test.
If you see what I'm getting at here, that means she cheated during the only month we were both off birth control and actively trying to conceive.
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2020.11.22 23:50 csf90 DWM.exe crashing, monitors losing output, new RTX 3080

Hi all
I suspect I know the answer but thought I'd post here anyway...
I managed to get hold of an MSI Gaming X Trio 3080 the other week, and since then I've been encountering an annoying issue where my monitors will lose signal and I have to reboot using the power button to get a display output again. When it happens I hear the 'device disconnected' noise you get from Windows (i.e. when you unplug a USB stick). The PC remains on and running for all intents and purposes, I can hear the audio of applications, vent at my brother in Discord when it happens etc. It happens randomly - it can be whilst idling on my desktop, it can be whilst gaming. It can also be totally fine, such as during prolonged gaming sessions (maxing out AC: Valhalla for ~4 hours). I'd say it has happened about 10 times in the 2 weeks I've had it, and they tend to happen a few times in succession the same evening, before some stability for a couple of days and repeat.
When I open Event Viewer I can see dwm.exe is crashing. I also see this but it doesn't appear to happen every time. Not sure if it's cause or effect:
Initialization failed because the driver device could not be created. Use the string "000000000100320000000000D71000C011010000250200C001000000000000000000000000000000" to identify the interface for which initialization failed. It represents the MAC address of the failed interface or the Globally Unique Interface Identifier (GUID) if NetBT was unable to map from GUID to MAC address. If neither the MAC address nor the GUID were available, the string represents a cluster device name.
I've tried a DDU reinstall of latest drivers (the card replaced a 2080S). It's not overclocked beyond the factory one. Temperatures are low, peak around 63c (the card is amazingly cool). Windows 10 fully up to date.
I am using dual monitors, one of which is G-SYNC. I have just disabled it as a troubleshooting step so will see how that goes. But it has happened when I'm only using a single non-G-SYNC monitor too, as when working during the day I plug my work laptop into my bigger G-SYNC monitor and run my desktop through my other single non-G-SYNC monitor.
I've re-seated the card a couple of times just to be sure, but it is definitely in the slot securely, latch is clipped, connections not loose in the slot at all. I have a support bracket to prevent sag, so the card is straight.
Only things that have changed are the graphics card itself and the addition of a third PCI-E 6+2 pin cable. One thing perhaps worth noting is I have CableMod PSU cables which have always been fine, but my third PCI-E cable is a standard legit Corsair one. I'll be swapping out the cable with a different (still Corsair) one tomorrow. The black screens don't appear to be power related as they happen at low usage. Power supply is a 5-year old Corsair RM850i.
Other specs (all unchanged, previously rock solid):
Any ideas? Suspect I'm looking at a card RMA? Thanks!
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2020.11.22 21:14 Noobishtrash Lifeline Ult Idea: Leash (A Literal Lifeline)

As a Lifeline main i get basically zero use out of my ult thanks to Lobas new ult change and the bevy of loot i seem to find on the new map.
Onto my "idea" which i'm just stealing from my favorite dead game Paragon. In it there was a support character named Phase who could leash onto other heroes and pull them out of danger if they did something too rash.
Skip to about 27 Seconds --> ( <-- I essentially just want the pulling mechanic as an ult and nothing more.
It would serve as a decent enough counter to Horizon, make for some interesting plays, and if it could be used on downed teammates would be a game changer in certain situations.
My only 2 fears is that 1: it would be used for EVIIIIL to troll other players but if it has a long enough cooldown than they might be persuaded not to do that, and 2: it may make lifeline too strong, and she'll need to cut down on her protein consumption.
Regardless i think it'd be a fun mechanic to have in the game, and if not on lifeline maybe having it on another legend added into the game at a later date would be cool too.
Also it'd be a "line" that saves your "life" a "Lifeline" which, i mean, cmon. Plz
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2020.11.22 19:38 johnbotris Microphone not being detected on bluetooth headset

I have a JBL Tune110BT headset, which when connected works fine for audio, but the microphone is not showing up as an available input device in audio settings. Pulseaudio does however seem to know about it as when I run `pacmd list-sources` this shows up as the final entry:
 index: 12 name:  driver:  flags: DECIBEL_VOLUME LATENCY state: SUSPENDED suspend cause: IDLE priority: 1050 volume: front-left: 65536 / 100% / 0.00 dB, front-right: 65536 / 100% / 0.00 dB balance 0.00 base volume: 65536 / 100% / 0.00 dB volume steps: 65537 muted: no current latency: 0.00 ms max rewind: 0 KiB sample spec: s16le 2ch 44100Hz channel map: front-left,front-right Stereo used by: 0 linked by: 0 fixed latency: 39.51 ms monitor_of: 7 card: 5  module: 37 properties: device.description = "Monitor of JBL TUNE110BT" device.class = "monitor" device.string = "B8:F6:53:6E:52:8E" device.api = "bluez" device.bus = "bluetooth" device.form_factor = "headset" bluez.path = "/org/bluez/hci0/dev_B8_F6_53_6E_52_8E" bluez.class = "0x240404" bluez.alias = "JBL TUNE110BT" device.icon_name = "audio-headset-bluetooth" device.intended_roles = "phone" 
but it's not listed by `pavucontrol` any idea how to get this working?
I'm running up to date tumbleweed on a Dell G5 laptop
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2020.11.22 17:34 vjwua Kaiserreich For Darkest Hour Progress Report 4: Battle Scenarios

Kaiserreich For Darkest Hour Progress Report 4: Battle Scenarios
Hello, fans of KR! I'm a vjw and I can call myself a fan of PDX games. You can love them for a lot, and most of all for modding. I participate in one mod on Vicky2 (my responsibility - flags, map), now I am actively engaged with DH - mostly battle scenarios.
Stir up your imagination: what is hidden?
I think you're familiar with them: a limited map, clear goals, accurate OOB and along with those fun (if not about HOI3, they have forgotten how). I started doing them a year ago, and my first work was about the 1925 Revolution. After the public appearance, I was noticed by Alex (eberronguy), who was satisfied with the scenario. He helped accept me into the team, and I thank him very much for that. Finally, it gave me an incentive to do not only KRDH, but also other, no less famous mods… So speaking of battle scenarios, I have to start with the British Revolution.
No wonder this event has great weight in KRTL: to lose in the great war and to lose the world afterwards. The Syndicalist revolution is from afar like the fall of the titan, and up close, there are riots in industrial cities, the fiery speeches of Maclean and Mosley, the panicked flight of the royal family to Canada. Smells like change!
It is worth mentioning that during this year of work I was engaged in the development of new events, balancing (which is quite important), testing. And you like this result. Participate in the showdown between syndies and royalists is invaluable. Could you imagine that the Royal Army would defeat the TUC without an expeditionary force? Will the transition of the garrisons to their side help the rebels? Probably a wretched spring can turn into a bloody summer. Although it is clear that events would have been completely different if not for the war on the other side of the English Channel.
You can say everything: that France is unlucky with its neighbour, that this country is very revolutionary, and so on. The fact remains: the first successful socialist revolution took place. Finding its cause is a child's task, but the rest of the information, if any, is pale and dry. A great reason to think about how everything could have happened.

  1. France is too weak to resist. The demoralized army does not want to fight the strong German army for anything. They would return home. Foch's command was unable to stop the bleeding of the troops, and one morning the soldiers woke up with a broken front.
Where people did not experience the horrors of trench warfare, they met with another force - the left. The CGT, the largest trade union confederation with millions of members, will not lose the chance to settle accounts with the Conservative government. The republic, according to travailleurs, is completely rotten by the old, corrupt system and needs to be destroyed. And in its place will be a socialist state, where the working class will not depend on the whims of the bourgeoisie.
The voice of socialism was loud: May Day demonstration gathered up to half a million people in Paris. He was also heard in the army, which consisted mainly of leftists. They waited for the front to fall apart and the Germans to come close to Paris. We waited for the people to boil. When the Germans threatened the occupation of the capital, the government was forced to sign a surrender. France exploded. Thousands of dissenters attacked the gendarmerie, ransacked cities, and whistled at the government as allies of the bourgeoisie. The culmination was on the 1st of November, when the CGT issued an ultimatum against the still mobilized troops, which provided for the surrender of their weapons. The unrealized threat marked the beginning of a protracted civil war.
Republican France is in dire straits, and if they do not want to flee to Algeria, they must defeat the revolutionaries. The situation is complicated by the failure of demobilization and the siege of large cities. Can this stop us? But problems are not limited to them. In Normandy settled anarchist Bolshevik Péricat, who plans to organize his territory with you know what. He opposes the treacherous CGT and it is not known what is in his head. The Britons will also invite autonomy. It will be difficult for syndies because they are the first. Their units are divided, but together they are a force. The left is able to capture France, and is ready for a long fight.
Let's rest a little in Spain, where there is a civil war, which is allocated in a separate scenario. This is a consolation for those who do not want to wait a year and a half, but immediately rush into battle. Monarchists, Anarchists, Carlists - a classic set on the table. Just take and unfold, beat and enjoy!
Now I still want to ask you: does anyone not like Savinkov? And who doesn't like large-scale campaigns? Oh, rest assured, the Russo-German war will be of great interest to you, and not just a big map.
The story of Savinkov’s arrival should be familiar to you: January Assassination, clashes in the Duma and after it the Kornilov-Savinkov alliance, the death of the Winter Campaign leader, and the unification of positions. The Vozhd’ rules a strong and aggravated nation, and sets a course for general militarization. There are other processes inherent in national populists: one-party rule, aggression, defamation of non-Slavs, massive propaganda. First of all, Russia wanted to revive imperial greatness, even more - to pass the rink in Berlin, in Europe, to cause fear in all who want to stand up against the one and indivisible. Special attention should be paid to the modernization of the army and the strengthening of the Yunarmia, which has about a million young soldiers. Russia is morally and physically ready for a great war, a patriotic one. The situation is also favourable. Russophiles teamed up with nationalists in the Baltics against German immigrants. A large-scale campaign to protect the rights of Russians is under way in Belarus and Ukraine. Even in the Commonwealth there were cells of Savinkov's supporters. Everything converged. The Vozhd’ was just waiting for the right reason.
June 5, 1941 is a sad day for the Germans. Wilhelm II dies – the Weltkriegkaiser, a symbol of the greatness of Germany, who survived a new war with France and witnessed the third fall of Paris. Hundreds of thousands of people come to his funeral. The ominous silence that hung under the procession forced Germany: something was about to happen. The new Kaiser, Wilhelm III, is preparing for the coronation. Suddenly, the next day, the foreign minister informs him of a possible Russian intervention. Not having time to understand what is happening, a day later the war comes. The operation was led by Savinkov himself, anticipating its lightning success, and he called the invasion of Mitteleuropa after a prominent Russian general, Kutuzov.
It is the suddenness that plays into the hands of the Vozhd’: in a few months he has the opportunity to regain the lost territories and move on to Berlin! In addition, the large Russian community of Belarus and Ukraine are in favour of Savinkov's idea of a "triune people", and even divisions are ready to side with the Russians. Germany's goal is more difficult: to survive the retreat, to resist and counterattack. Fortunately, on the western border the war is over and the divisions are slowly moving east. Wilhelm III will receive a baptism of fire there, and show whether he is worthy of the imperial crown.
Old School BS
Before completing the PR, I would like to check you for attention. In front of you - a picture of the scenario of the Kaiserschlacht, which lies in the game files. Few guessed where he was from, and neither did I. However, I am actively modifying and unraveling other mods to DH (which are worth noting), and have noticed that this script is already in the original 1914 mod. I'm pretty sure we'll play it someday. Maybe in a few months. And no, this is not what you thought.
I think it is necessary to say bye to you. I’m convinced that you will get a lot of pleasure from battle scenarios. It's a good time to listen to Alex with very cool news!
Greetings everyone! I am Eberronguy with a very important announcement. We are close enough to finishing the Middle East update that we can proudly announce the release date! You can expect KRDH 19.3 “1001 Arabian Fights” On December 9th, 2020. The 15th anniversary of the original release of Kaiserreich: Legacy of The Weltkrieg for Hearts of Iron 2! I am super proud of the team for all the work we have put in and I can't wait to let all of you play it!
And thanks for the unquestionable confidence that KRDH is rising! And don't forget to check out PR next time!
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2020.11.22 13:00 edufiorivan The many ways of the labyrinth: its history and archaeology

The many ways of the labyrinth: its history and archaeology
The labyrinth is an archetype that has its roots at the dawn of humanity. In the labyrinth, both religious and profane initiation paths are accomplished, the center is the place of death, where rebirth, the encounter with oneself, the return to the womb of mother earth, the regression to the embryo and the consequent natal expulsion through narrow convolutions. In the course of history it is configured as a powerful metaphor of the path that leads from chaos to order, from ignorance-death-sin / evil to knowledge-rebirth-salvation / good through a complex path, or, tout court, is the challenge in tackling such a path.
The origin and etymology of the word, on which major scholars have debated, are still unclear, as is also highlighted by L. Lanza and F. Berti. According to some, it is a generic term to indicate a partially underground environment with a complicated plant or even just an idea, in the absence of any tangible artefact.

Rock engraving on the wall of an underground tomb, Luzzanas Sardinia, perhaps dating back to the second half of the third millennium BC.
According to H. Kern, the proto-labyrinth is most likely attributable to dance, with a choreographic function. It is the path followed by a chain of dancers in imitation of the movement of the planets, it reflects a cosmological vision and is also charged with astral symbolism.
The classical labyrinth is unicursal, with seven turns, later also eleven, an entrance and the street that inevitably leads to the center with a pendulum movement, in continuous turns and right and left (see for example the rock engravings of Bronze Age, the tablet of Pylus).

Trojaburg, a labyrinth of Cretan-pagan stones, widespread along the coasts of Scandinavia or in the vicinity of churches, dating back to different eras up to relatively recent times (reconstruction).
The Trojaburgs, in stones on the Baltic coasts, are linked to the dance rites handed down by Homer, Plutarch, Virgil, Troiae Lusus or Ludus, with the same apotropaic function of keeping away evil or enemy influences from the city, from the houses, from churches, to protect fishermen.
The same type of labyrinth, Walls of Troy or Troy town, is found in England, with a grass track, the classic turf maze (from maes, grass in Welsh, and field in Celtic), places of festivals celebrated especially in spring and dances of the girl, clearly propitiatory of pagan fertility. These designs are taken up for a long time, almost without variations, in the field of gardening.
From the archaic figure of the labyrinth as a rounded tangle of viscera, other forms are produced, such as the square or rectangle, already in ancient coins, in Roman mosaic floors, in medieval manuscripts and in the following centuries in multiform contexts, especially in gardens.

Chartres Cathedral, circular labyrinth, 2nd half of the 13th century. Amiens Cathedral, octagonal labyrinth, 13th century. At the center the names of the authors. It is said that the clergy performed Easter dances there, in addition to pilgrimages of the faithful, hence the name Chemin de Jérusalem, entrance to the west.
In churches, the religious interpretation of the symbol also uses the octagon. Here the labyrinths have an entrance at the bottom, to the west, like the maps; they are conceived as an image of the world, set on a cross pattern, from death-sin towards redemption. They are also penitential paths to replace the pilgrimage to the Holy Land, therefore called Chemin de Jérusalem. At Easter the clerics also performed dances of the "ball" (the ball of Ariadne?).
Already towards the end of the Hellenistic period the word “labyrinth” meant an Irrweg. (see Ovid, Metamorphosis): evidently over time the tradition of dance was lost and the figure appeared confused and misleading. Thus a discrepancy arose between the idea of ​​a labyrinth suggested by literature and its representation. At the end of the 15th century, the texts incite us to imagine the multi-cursed labyrinth, while its graphic representation is still unicursal.
In the Renaissance there is a real explosion of this symbol. The labyrinth becomes an erudite quotation and appears in different versions: writing labyrinths and spiritual labyrinths with sacred texts from the 15th century; labyrinths as a symbol of private situations, as a uniform of silence, reserve; labyrinthine beds of flowers and hedges become omnipresent in the noble gardens. Around 1550, the first visual formulation of the Irrweg, the multicursal labyrinth, appears at the court of the Gonzagas, alongside the classical one used as a means of multiform representation of the ducal culture.
Significantly, the affirmation of the labyrinths, with multiple streets, barriers, bifurcations, takes place in the Renaissance and implies the active participation of the subject, the possibility of following different paths, against the acceptance of a principle of authority, of the obligatory path towards the center.
The art of the garden made extensive use of this figure, with symbolic and playful accentuations different according to the eras, and with increasingly varied and complex representations, from the classic ones proposed by the architects of cardinal and Medici gardens in Italy, by H. Vredeman de Vries (1587) and others in Europe, to the imaginative ones proposed by D. Loris (1629) in harmony with the emergence of the Baroque and a more dynamic spatial conception. An evolution also occurs in the use of hedges that mark the route: low, with flowers and herbs; of modest height, with small topiated bushes; very high, real plant walls that hide the view of visitors.
In the late 1500s and 1600s symmetry was lost in the design: the centers could multiply, as in Versailles, where A. Le Nôtre designed a totally unusual labyrinth for Louis XIV in 1664: the focal points multiplied and became more enriched. later (1669) of sculptural-fountain groups, on the advice of C. Perrault, for the education of the Dauphin. The path thus assumes a didactic intent inspired by Aesop's fables.

Eighteenth-century labyrinth of villa Pisani, Stra-Venice. The labyrinth, designed by G. Frigimelica Roberti, is inscribed on a trapezoidal area, currently made up of box hedges, originally hornbeam, with a central tower significantly surmounted by a statue of Minerva.
Significantly, the labyrinth is often located in the initial part of the garden, becoming part of an articulated initiatory path and emblematically starting it, from the seventeenth-century Barbarigo garden in Valsanzibio to the nineteenth-century d’Horta in Barcelona. Relatively few are the well-preserved historical labyrinths, among these one of the best known is the eighteenth-century one of Villa Pisani in Stra, currently with box hedges, originally hornbeam. In the center a turret with a statue of Minerva, goddess of wisdom.

Glendurgan garden, Cornwall. Designed by Alfred Fox in 1820, with a labyrinth of cherry laurel hedges, 1830. Now belongs to National Trust.
But in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the whole new English garden, which spread rapidly in Europe, was configured as an initiatory-labyrinthine path, in which several episodes concur to mark the way towards catharsis and enlightenment. In the garden of Wörlitz an arch, with the words “Choose your path wisely as a traveler,” introduces a kind of labyrinth, a winding path that passes through a cave and arrives at the Pantheon consecrated to all the gods.
Due to its intrinsic ambiguity, multiplicity of meanings, aptitude to arouse contrasting emotions, from disorientation to an amused playfulness, the labyrinth is today a universal symbol and transversally invests different philosophies and artistic expressions, from visual arts to dance, literature, cinema, to the art of the garden.
It is a more current figure than ever, which is enriched by a further form, in addition to the two classic ones, the labyrinth which is the network or rhizome (Deleuze, Guattari, Eco), without any center, nor limits and capable of extending endlessly.
In the landscape field we currently have some interesting public and private projects, designed by landscape artists or architects, which take up the theme of death-rebirth and memory; others, on the other hand, are proposed for their sculptural or strongly sensorial character, as an ennobling of the countryside and the most common plants or for a predominantly playful-decorative purpose with pop accents.
From the Crete of the myth, this figure accompanies and fascinates humanity even today to the distant islands of the Pacific and Oceania.

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2020.11.22 11:20 TheRordonGamsay Call of Duty is one of my favorite franchises of all time, but stop making one every year, hear me out

The COD franchise keeps getting away with spewing out games that could be much better than what we get, and a extra year would go a long way for developers, and it’s slowly killing the franchise. WE have the power to make change, just please read if you care about the franchise and where it’s heading.
I’ve played mostly every COD known to man, usually always loved it or loved and hated it, but this years COD is just abysmal, and black ops is my favorite series. The problem is we keep letting them get away with it, look at other games that change whole weapons, maps, even rework mechanics just for the game to improve? When was the last time COD really did that on a drastic level? Take a look at Rainbow six siege, that game has thrived just because of the care that gets put into it. This is coming from someone who thoroughly enjoyed MW 2019, and I understand why the MP for that has mixed opinions.
We know SBMM (Skill Based Matchmaking) is literally ruining the game, ignore that for now, yes it will improve my opinion if it was removed or worked on entirely but there are other issues. This needs to be addressed before anything else.
I’m going to start with the maps, almost half of them are terribly made for this type of game, for such a fast paced game it just doesn’t work for this gameplay, so many open areas, looks cluttered, the list goes on, characters blend into almost everything Armada is one of the worst maps I have ever played in a video game.
The animations and gameplay just look clunky and not up to date for such a fast paced game, some animations look great but it just doesn’t fit with the way it plays, it just seems very lazy to me. Especially on console and I even play on PC but that’s pretty much my point, this game is practically just unfinished in my opinion, more time in the oven and this could have been amazing. You remember that series Assassins creed? Remember all those other franchises that were pushing out garbage or uninspired titles every year? That’s what’s happening to COD, only thing is it has such a large player base that it’s harder for it to succumb to it’s death but it will if it keeps heading in this direction. We as a people literally pushed the battlefield/battlefront franchise into a better direction because we didn’t like what they were doing, ignore BFV because we sure did, and hopefully they see what they did and make up for that in the next Battlefield because it didn’t do too well.
The campaign is garbage and boring, nothing innovative at all, they had some good ideas but its just wrapped on top of the doodoo. So many ways to improve the COD campaigns over the years and nothing has topped MW2s campaign, black ops was amazing from a story standpoint.
This is one of my biggest gripes but for console, the auto aim is way too strong, the auto aim does the work for you, this does not equate to skill, and SBMM makes this even worse. This game has just been turned into the most casual COD game from a gameplay standpoint I have ever played, and it gets worse and worse every year. I could forgive it if it catered a little but it’s just so casual and easy even the most inexperienced can still do alright. double doodoo.
That’s my rant, I could go on but am tired and putting this much effort into this post is enough and will probably get downvoted to oblivion. Also spelling errors I’m too tired to correct. I could go on much more but my opinions are mine and mine only. Will possibly argue in the comments, after all it is Sunday.
TLDR: COD CW is not great nor innovative and we keep letting this franchise put minimal effort into a series we know and love, if we stand up and or boycott they will listen, we have the power to point it into a better direction, if you love the game I’m happy for you, it’s just not good and is lazily made in my opinion. Stop making COD games each year and put more love into your craft. That’s what these games need is love, and that’s been missing for awhile now.
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2020.11.21 16:03 viciacracca 26[F4R] Anywhere. I like pineapple on pizza and looking for my people

The past couple of months felt very numb for me, but it’s time to push the reset button. Now I feel like I’m actually open to connect with people. I`d love to to find someone to share thoughts and laughs with and see if it develops into anything.
One day I have my head in the clouds and the other I’m calm and collected, all Dr. Jekyll. For me life is a game and I love exploring different ways to play it. I like to observe beautiful world around me and imagine things. I am very cautious as I am getting close to people cause I am very sensitive.
I like learning stuff, outdoors, my cactus(though it doesn’t like me back), art, theater, sad songs, baking experiments, riding a bike, taking pictures, herbal tea, late night walks, ugly sweaters and as I said already I like pineapple on pizza. I want to learn German so if you want to join or teach me you’re super cool. I live in Moscow, but I hope to escape it next year.
I have no idea what this could possibly lead to, maybe we could go on google maps date and visit your favorite park, read to each other, start a podcast or hop on a train somewhere someday, but I hope it will be exiting.
here's a pic of me
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